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Employees and civil servants in the Netherlands who become unemployed are insured by the Unemployment Insurance Act (WW). In theory, if eligible, you will receive 75% of the wage most recently earned (a maximum of € 177,03 per day) in the first two months, thereafter 70%.

To be eligible for the unemployment benefit, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • be below the age of 65;
  • lose at least five working hours per week;
  • no longer be entitled to wages for these lost working hours;
  • be available for work;
  • not be on Sickness benefit, WAO benefit upon full occupational disability, or IVA benefit;
  • not be in receipt of WGA benefit (unless you had a job in addition to the WGA benefit and lost that job);
  • meet the requirement of '26 out of 36 weeks': you must have been employed for at least 26 weeks in the 36 weeks before the first day of unemployment.

For occupational groups such as artists, musicians and film employees, a lower requirement of weeks applies: 16 from 39 weeks.

The length of your entitlement to this benefit depends on your employment history. Below is a table that gives you a rough indication of the length of your salary-related benefit. The benefit will be payable for as many months as the number of years in employment (with a maximum of 38 months)

Employment history Duration of salary-related benefit
4 years 6 months
5-9 years 9 months
10-14 years 1 year
15-19 years 1.5 years
20-24 years 2 years
25-19 years 2.5 years
30-34 years 3 years

The employee that becomes unemployed after resigning from his job cannot benefit from the allowance.



Update 29/02/2008


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