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There are a variety of health care benefits that employees can hope to gain once they become employed. These benefits include hospitalization coverage i.e. assistance to pay for emergency room visits and in-patient care at a hospital in Holland including cost of staying in a hospital room, surgery, x-rays, and blood work.

Basic health care is not always included in hospitalization coverage. Therefore, an employee could ask for additional health care coverage. This can help pay for semi-annual and annual physicals, and general visits to the doctor for well-care treatment. Some employers also offer vision and dental care; both of which can prove to be expensive treatments if not covered by the employer.

Retirement benefit plans are also provided to ensure employees that they and their family will be financially secure later in life. Employees prefer 401K plans, employee stock ownership plans, and pension plans that are both beneficial to employees as well as employers.

Finally, many employee benefits packages include life insurance and disability insurance, as well. The Dutch laws offer generous packages for sick employees. Employers are liable to pay sick leave up to at least 70% of the last wage during the first two years of sick leave. Employers and workers are jointly responsible for taking steps to resume work as soon as possible. During the first two years of sick leave, an absentee worker's sick allowance should not exceed 170% of the last wage. In practice, this means that the recipient gets 100% of his last wage during the first year of sick leave and 70% during the second. The exact percentages may vary.



Maternity allowance, paternity and parental leave

The maternity leave of 16 weeks is shared by two periods:

  1. During the pregnancy (up to 6 weeks before the expected date of delivery and at least 4 weeks before due date).
  2. After the birth, you are always entitled to 10 weeks even if the baby is born later than it was due.

During maternity leave, the new mother receives an allowance which matches her salary, but there is a maximum amount. This maximum amount is based on the daily wage, which is 174,64 euro per day. If she earns more, then her income may drop during the period of leave.

Fathers are also entitled to 2 days of paternity leave when their partner has just given birth to a child. In addition to maternity and paternity leave, there is parental leave. This is leave you can take to care for a child who is less than eight years old. You are entitled to parental leave when you have been working for the same employer for at least one year and are caring for a child who is younger than eight years of age. Both parents are entitled to parental leave. If you have more children, you can take parental leave for each child separately.



Annual paid leave

Employees are entitled to a minimum of four times the agreed number of days they work each week (e.g. 5x 4 = 20 days) after one year of work. If you have not yet been employed for one year by an employer, your holiday will be calculated proportionately.

You will receive full pay during your holiday. In addition, you are entitled to a minimum holiday allowance. The holiday allowance is payable by your employer and paid at least once a year (usually in June). Your employer has to specify the amount of your holiday allowance on payment. The holiday allowance amounts to 8% of your income in money (basic wage, bonuses and allowances).

Update 26/08/2010


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