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There are a number of babysitting/nanny/crèche care options in Amsterdam. This doesn't however mean that there aren't waiting lists to most of these centres. There are a number of different options available. You'll need to choose for yourself, the one that is best suited to your needs.

Day Care Centres & Crèches

At a day care centre, or crèche, children from the ages 0 to 4 are looked after when their parents are at work. Several options for child care are available to parents: full-day care, half-day care and 24-hour care. Waiting lists for private day care centres tend to be shorter than for subsidised day care because they cost more. You will be expected to pay the full rate irrespective of your income. Private day care is also for children aged six weeks to four years.

After-School Care

This form of care is intended for children aged between 4 and 12 and is coordinated as far as possible with school timing. The main aim is to care for the children in the time after their school is over and parents finish work. Some centres also provide care for teenagers up to the age of 16.

Host-Parent Care

Parents with children aged between 0 and 12 can also select host parent care. In this option the child is looked after by a host family who can accommodate up to three children. An intermediary agency brings the parents and the host parents together. Host parent care is a more flexible option and the host may be able to look after children in the evening, overnight and sometimes at weekends.

Company Crèches

Company kindergartens are rented by companies that provide their own care centres for their employees. Waiting lists in these centres are often shorter and all employees with children are able to make use of them.

Subsidised Day Care

In the case of a subsidised care centre the parents make a contribution to the day care centre and the municipality pays the remaining costs. This arrangement varies from municipality to municipality. It is intended for parents who do not have access to a private or company kindergarten.


These are informal groups that usually meet weekly and provide parents of children aged 0-3 with the opportunity to meet and chat over a cup of coffee, while their children play together in the same room. Usually a small fee is charged to cover room hire, refreshments and the purchase of toys.

Nannies, Au Pairs & Babysitters

Check our section on au pairs for more information on this section.

Below is a list of common centres and agencies in Amsterdam. It is important that you research these agencies fully, as these are not necessarily recommendations.

Nannies & Au Pairs
World Wide Au Pair & Nanny
Burg.Hogguestraat 785
1064 EB Amsterdam
Tel: 020 411 6010

This network of child care centres has locations throughout the city for day care centres & after-school care.
Lutmastraat 81
Tel: 020 575 4700

Stichting Kinderopvang Humanitas
This network has approximately 80 day care centres in the Netherlands, as well as child minders. It also has a national registration point for child care that can help you find a place for your child in one of their centres, or elsewhere.
Tel: 045 572 9797

This internet site for expats has listings where you can place adverts or read adverts for child care. Look under 'Notices' in the left column and scroll down.

General Child Care Centre Listings

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 Oppas Madelief


Babysitservice Oppas Madelief
This small babysitting service in Amsterdam provides selected and trained babysitters that you can book online for 5 euro per hour.
Phone: 31+ 638502234



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