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Finding reasonably priced accommodation in a good area in Amsterdam can be quite a challenge. There are a number of options to go about finding your new nest. The easiest will be to sign up with a real estate agent and let him shortlist apartments for you. For the more daring, you can use the internet to find apartments. But beware of passing on information or advances on rent without having proper documentation and contracts as there are a number of conmen out there.

You will find also ads on boards in shops (news-agents, shopping centers) and in local newspapers.

In case of partnership, people who have signed the lease are the only legal tenants, and therefore are responsible for the accommodation (it is possible to let the landlord know of this partnership if officialised by the town hall for example).

A lodging for a short stay

For people wishing to live in Amsterdam for a limited period, for work purposes or other reasons, there are solutions like furnished flats, aparthotels or flathotels.

You can visit:

Youth Hostels, student accommodations (Kots)

Below are some listings for youth hostels/ student accommodation

Update 28/01/2014


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Recommended Service Partners

Online marketplace for mid-long term accommodation

Looking for cheap accommodation in Amsterdam isn’t easy and can be time consuming. Fortunately the times of browsing innumerable adverts, making hundreds of phone calls and visiting dozen of houses belong to the past: with Uniplaces now you can look for your room comfortably sitting at home. You can pick a room in a shared home with other expats, a studio flat if you want more privacy, or you can team up with other friends and rent an entire apartment just for yourselves.

The booking system is very simple and doesn’t require any visit: all can be done in advance thanks to the detailed descriptions and photos of the rooms and you can secure your room before even getting there. Moreover the Uniplaces team will be available for any questions and help.

Uniplaces is an online marketplace for booking mid-long term accommodation with thousands of verified properties.

  • If you’re looking for a room or a flat, you can search for ads in your new city: Search
  • If you have a room available and you wish to rent it, get in touch with us: Contact




A selection of apartments, studios and penthouse you will find on



Check the owner before paying
Always check the owner (or let a professional do it for you) before paying any commission, rent or down-payment. Even if someone has the keys he or she could still be a fraud.

Even if you already found a suitable house/flat/room you can let us check the rightful owner and let us check the contracts.

For more information check our website under consult (also for buying, renting and investing):


Find your apartment in Amsterdam
Looking for suitable expat housing, but dont know how to begin? Take a look at :



Amsterdam apartments
Another website for booking Amsterdam apartments (starting from 3 nights):
Maybe good to include in the list.




Find an Amsterdam Apartment
A selection of apartments, studios and houseboats you will find on All of them are in the Museum District or the historic canal area.

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