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The medical facility network in Morocco includes 122 hospitals, 2,400 health centers, and 4 university clinics. There is a need for more facilities and supplies as most are not properly maintained and lack adequate capacity to meet nation's needs. There are some private care facilities that offer better standards, but they usually cost more than the average Moroccan can afford.

  • Hospital IBN Rochd / Casablanca-Anfa - Tel +212 22 26 51 02
  • Clinique Badr - 35, Rue El Allousi Bourgogne; Phone Number: 022-49-28-00/022-49-23-80/81/82/83/84
  • Clinique Yasmine - Bvd. Sidi Abderrahman Hay El Hana; Tel: 022-39-69-60
  • Clinique Aftal - 50 Bd Abderrahim Bouabid, Oasis, Casablanca; Tel: + 212 2 223 1818
  • Clinique Agdal - 6 Place Talha, Avenue Ibn Sina Quartier de l'Agdal, Rabat; Tel: + 212 5 37 677 777, + 212 5 37 777 777
  • Clinique Assalam - 10 Avenue de la Paix, Tangerang, Morocco; Tel: + 212 3 932 2558
  • Clinique Badr - 35, Rue El Alloussi Bourgogne, Casablanca, Morocco; Tel: + 022-49-28-00/022-49-23-80/81/82/83/84
  • Clinique Bennis - Route de Tetouan, Tangier, Morocco; Tel: 039-34-07-47/039-34-07-48
  • Clinique Chirurgicale Anoual - 14 rue Zaki Eddine Attaoussi, Casablanca, Morocco; Tel: + 212 2 286 0207
  • Clinique des Specialites - 2 rue Benzakour Atlas, Fes, Morocco; Tel: + 212 5 596 0000
  • Clinique du Coeur et des Vaisseaux - 11 Rue Al Ayachi, Quartier R'Mel, Ville de Sale, Rabat, Morocco; Tel: + 212 7 78 58 14
  • Clinique le Maroc - 2 Boulevard Allal Ben Abdellah, Oujda, Morocco; Tel: + 212 5 668 2020
  • Clinique less Orangers - 6, Avenue Pasteur, Quartier "Les Orangers", Rabat 10000 Morocco; Tel: + 212 7 73 24 24
  • Clinique Menara - 10 Rue Moulay Abdelaziz, Rabat, Morocco; Tel: 037-70-74-74
  • Clinique Yasmine - Bvd. Sidi Abderrahman Hay El Hana, Casablanca, Morocco; Tel: 022-39-69-60
  • Polyclinique Du Sud - Dr. Taarji BEL ABBASS, 2 Rue Yougoslavie, Gueliz, Marrakech, Morocco; Tel: 044-44-79-99/044-44-83-72
  • Hopital Civil - Route de Martil, Tetouan, Morocco; Tel: + 212 9 96 97 24

Ambulance Service

There is public ambulance service that is available by dialing 15. You can also use private ambulance companies which offers more reliable, but much more expensive, service.

    Private Ambulance Service
  • Amal Assistance - 17, Rue de la Paix; Tel: 022-36-44-36, 02239-20-03
  • SOS Medecins Mardoc - Tel: 022-25-25-25
  • Institut Pasteur (Snake/scorpion bite or yellow fever or rabies) - Tel: 022-26-94-24, 022-27-57-78


  • Clinique Zerktouni - (Orthopedics clinique) Rue 9 Avril; Tel: 022-25-33-00
  • Clinique Al Farabi - (Ear, Nose, and Throat) 7, Rue Jean Jaures, Casablanca, Morocco; Tel: 022-47-30-30


General pharmacies in Casablanca operate Monday to Friday 8:30 to 12:30 and 15:30 to 20:00; Saturday 8:30 to 13:00. Most commonly used medicines can be found in Morocco, but some of the newer prescription medications may not be available. It may be extremely difficult to obtain medications in rural areas. Pharmacy hours are regulated and it may be difficult to find one open during the weekend.

  • Prefecture De Casablanca - Place Mohammed V; Tel: 022-26-94-91
  • Pharmacie Al Massira - Bvd. Al Massira; Tel: 022-25-59-98
  • Pharmacie du Progress - Place du 16 Novembre; Tel. 0522/270489

Emergency Night Pharmacies (Pharmacie de Nuit)

Pharmacies are open after hours on a roster system. A list of open pharmacies are posted on the front door.

  • Prefecture De Casablanca - Place Mohammed V, HOURS: 21:00-08:00, Tel: 022-26-94-91
  • Pharmacie Al Massira - Bvd. Al Massira, HOURS: 21:00-08:00, Tel: 022-25-59-98

Update 10/01/2012


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