Hotels and Bed and Breakfast in Casablanca


Hotels in Morocco fit every budget. They range from 1 star to 5 stars (luxury). Stays often include breakfast, and many include dinner.

    Hotels are classified as:
  • Auberge - French for "inn", built in the traditional mud (kasbah) style. Usually family run and owned.
  • Riad - Traditional houses situated around a courtyard, transitioned into hotels. Mostly small (about 6 rooms or less).
  • Rural gites d'étape - Offers self-catering accommodation in the countryside. Simple, offering mountain trekkers a hot shower, meal, and a roof.
  • Bivouacs - Located in the desert, these traditional nomad carpeted wool tents offer rustic accommodations of a mattress, sheets and blankets.
  • Western hotel

Budget accommodations are located in the medina. Expect to pay around Dh 65 for a signal room. These hotels are basic and may lack hot water and showers, or charge between Dh 5 and Dh 10. Hotels in the medina also have roof terraces where they offer bare minimum accommodation of a mattresses for as little as Dh 25.

Mid-range hotels are newer and cleaner and cost about 75 Dh for a single.

Major international hotels have online reservations and accept credit cards. Online travel sites are also great resources and many Moroccan hotels are registered through them.


A Bed & Breakfast can be an a refreshingly personal environment. There are limited B&B locations in Morocco, but a riad or auberge can offer a similarly inviting and family-oriented atmosphere.

Update 10/01/2012


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