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You do not need a license to get television service in Malaysia. They have not yet made the switch to digital, so the most common form of service is analog. All foreign television sets in Malaysia have to be compatible with PAL.

There are eight free stations available on analog. There is an assortment of talk shows, news and other programs available on these channels in Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English, as well as some imported shows. TV Alhijrah specializes in Islamic broadcasting. Note that Malaysia has one of the strictest censorship rules in the world, and providers often block out scenes that could be of sensitive nature.

  1. RTM1- Malay and mainly talk shows
  2. RTM2 - English, Chinese and news bulletins in English
  3. TV 3 - Airs mainly Malay programs with some US TV shows
  4. 8TV - English and Chinese for teenagers
  5. Ntv 7 - Imported channels with news in English
  6. TV 9 - English channels with some Malay programs
  7. TV Alhijrah - Islamic TV shows
  8. Worldview Broadcasting Channel


Cable television is available through Astro Television. Basic cable service starts at RM 40 a month, but there are many add-on bundles and packages that you could select for additional fees up to RM 155 monthly. There is no installation fee.


Astro is the biggest satellite channel provider in Malaysia. This is a subscription based package with a tariff. Apply online at the website, and provide your address and bank account details to be approved, then an agent will come to your house and install a satellite dish and decoder box.

NJOI, a division of Astro Television, has a subscription-free satellite television service.

A new satellite unit for NJOI can be purchased for RM 308, or a refurbished one for RM 180. Either one will also require a one time installation fee of RM 100. The service comes with 22 channels for free, and there is also an option of pay per view channels. Most of these cost RM 2 for two days, but some are RM 10 or 15.


Kuala Lumpur has excellent broadband service. It is fast and a reliable internet connection should be easy to secure.


  • TMNET is the primary provider for internet broadband services. You can set up an account with them at any of their outlets or online.
  • Telekom Malaysia has both dial up and broadband available.
  • Those living in buildings that have the infrastructure necessary for DSL (generally in Petaling Jaya or KL Sentral) may sign up for NTT MSC.
  • Jaring offers dial up services.


To apply for an internet service, the following documents are needed:

  • Proof of address in the form of a tenancy agreement or a utility bill
  • Passport
  • Work permit or visa (Non-tourist Visa)
  • Landline information

All internet service providers require a deposit and this is dependent on the service provider. All of the websites are in English as are the application forms in the store. Bills are issued monthly and can be paid online with a credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

Internet Café in Kuala Lumpur

There are a plethora of internet cafes available throughout Malaysia. Rates start at RM2 per hour and most cafes will also offer printing, scanning and copying facilities.

In addition, finding a cafe with free Wifi is rather simple. Places like the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Starbucks (of course) have free internet services for their customers as well as long mamaks. If you are looking for something with more of a local flavor, you can go to Blitzone , Jing-Si Books and Cafe or Sunmag at KL Sentral.


As mentioned above, it is very easy to find free Wireless Access Points in coffee shops and restaurants in Malaysia. Other than cafes, free internet can be had at McDonalds and Burger King, and inside the KL International Airport.

Alternatively, you can get a prepaid internet card from Maxis for RM 15 that will give you unlimited access for two weeks.

Update 3/06/2015


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