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Employees accept job offers not only upon the salary, but on the benefits that accompany many positions. Employee benefits are a "job perk" that may convince a potential employee to join a specific company.

Luxembourg's employees usually have a wide array of benefits available to them. Benefits should be incorporated into your contract.

    These may include:
  • Luncheon Vouchers - (known as either cheque repas or ticket restaurants) used to pay for meals in restaurants, cafés and even groceries in some supermarkets
  • Company Car - car for business and personal use
  • Thirteenth month - an extra months salary is often paid in December. Some positions even offer a half of a 14th month's pay
  • Year-end or Christmas bonus - (prime de fin d'année/jaarpremie)
  • Variable Profit Sharing or Productivity Bonus (participation aux benefices/aandeel in de winst or prime de productivité/produktiviteitspremie) bonuses dependent on the performance of the company, branch or department

All of these have tax implications and must be accounted for.


To convince an employee to go abroad, there may be additional benefits. The most common is an increase in salary.

    Other benefits may include:
  • Relocation benefits - Covers the cost of the actual move plus the help of a relocation agent to ease the transition
  • Accommodation benefits - Subsidized housing and a rental agent to help find accommodations
  • Language training - Courses at home and abroad to help the employee integrate
  • Expatriate family benefits - Aid tuition payments for children, obtain visas and compensate for potential loss of income of spouse

Update 1/03/2011


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