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Luxembourg has long been a hub of European telecommunication markets. It's central position, stable economy and low taxes have all led to becoming a natural location. The country interconnects all major telecommunication operators. Luxembourg is the site of Europe's largest privately-owned broadcast media group, the RTL group, and Europe's largest satellite operator, Société Européenne des Satellites (SES). The private sector has traditionally been much more powerful than the small public sector. The RTL group operates TV and radio networks within the country.


The television transmission standard in Luxembourg is PAL. This is the main system in use in most of Western Europe, but another format, SECAM, is used in France. The systems are not compatible with each other, but multi-standard TVs will be compatible with PAL (or NTSC) video recorders, DVD players, games consoles and other video equipment. More modern television sets sold in Luxembourg and neighboring countries can use both PAL and SECAM, but confirm before purchasing.

Cable & Satellite TV

Most households subscribe to cable, but almost all providers supply both services and can advise on the best for your home. There are over 40 television channels available in French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese and other languages. English-language TV channels include BBC World, CNBC and Eurosport.


There are a few primary suppliers:

A continued list of providers can be found at:


The country code for Luxembourg websites is .lu. There are about 440,000 internet users.

All types connections are available: dial up (slower access), ADSL, WiFi, etc. Many operators offer bundled packages for telephone land lines, internet access, cable/satellite TV and mobile phone services.


Enterprise des P&T
Provides internet, mobile, telephone and packages.
Tel: 80 02 80 04

Luxembourg Online
Tel: 27 99 00 00-2

Provides internet, mobile, telephone and packages.
Tel: 800 61 606

A continued list of providers can be found at:


Contact your preferred provider and they can usually set-up an appointment over the phone or online. Installation may be necessary. For people who wish to install it themselves, there is a self-install kit which includes a modem. kits can be retrieved from the providers store or sent by UPS (7.50 euro). If you encounter problems, call 27990000-1.

For a professional installation, a technician will come to the residence in about 4 weeks.

    Basic installation includes:
  • Installation of modem or router and filter or splitter
  • Configuration of the internet access on one computer
  • Configuration of LOL PHONE with one phone
  • Creation of an email address in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
    Documents required:
  • Proof of identity
  • Utility bill or tenancy agreement
  • Deposit

Internet Cafe

Many coffee shops have a small internet cafe as well. There are also some devoted internet cafes like:

  • Internet Stuff (Tel: 661 39 75 55)
  • Kbit's Place (4 rue de Dudelange, L-3630 Kayl., Tel: 26 56 06 69)
  • Surfin' Fox Internetstuff (38 rue Michel Rodange, L-2430 Luxembourg, Tel: 26 12 33 69)


Wi-fi access is available in most parts of Luxembourg, certainty in Luxembourg city. Signs in storefront windows usually indicate if WiFi is available. Grand Hotel Cravat, mobile store Orange, Quick Hamburger, and other such shops are common access points.

Internet access can also be bought via the Hotcity Luxembourg City WiFi network and used at these locations.

Update 1/03/2011


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