Gas, Electricity, Water in Luxembourg


The main supplier for electricity, gas and water in Luxembourg City is Luxembourg Energy Office (LEO). Their website offers info on their services as well forms to open an account or transfer service. For general enquires, call their Customer Center hotline at 2639 4848.

Some companies require a weeks notice to transfer utilities, so contact LEO as soon as possible.

    To apply for a new utility account, you will need:
  • Passport or identity card
  • Copy of your residence permit
  • Proof of residential address
  • Debit/credit card to set up a direct debit (domiciliation)


Gas rates consist of a fixed monthly premium, plus a consumer price in euros per meter squared of gas used and the rental of the gas meter. The meter rental fee includes the fee for annual meter reading and billing. For new gas connection services, call 4796 2763.

Creos is the division in charge of electricity and gas distribution, pipe maintenance and electricity supply. Creos is also in charge of meter reading on behalf of all providers.

Emergency Number for gas problems: 112

Monthly fixed charge
1.85 (excluding VAT 6%)

Gas Prices
0.63 per m3


Enovos (previously Cegedel) is the main electricity provider in Luxembourg. Creos is the division in charge of electricity and gas distribution, pipe maintenance and electricity supply. Creos is also in charge of meter reading on behalf of all providers.

For new electricity services, call 4796 3288 or 4796 2871 or email

  • Monthly Premium - 6.00 euro
  • Energy Prices - 0.16030 euro per kWh
  • Green Energy Prices - 0.16505 euro per kWh
  • Rental Prices - 0.0901 euro per kWh


Water is generally provided by the Service des Eaux of the Commune. To get connected to the local office, contact the Town Hall/municipality office.

Services des Eaux for Luxembourg-City
Tel: 47 96 28 83 / 47 96 25 74

For a disconnection contact the appropriate supplier at least a week before moving.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is provided in most of the country by CREOS. Gas is distributed by four companies, each serving a specific region. In Luxembourg City, gas is provided by LEO.
LEO, Luxembourg Energy Office
Address: 9 boulevard F.D. Roosevelt, Luxembourg
Telephone: 26 39 48 48


Bills are sent every two months and are calculated on an estimated consumption based on the previous year. Payment is made by direct debit (domiciliation) or bank transfer (virement). Meter reading takes place once a year and the balance of the account is adjusted accordingly. In case of unusual consumption, an interim meter reading can be made by the provider or requested by the occupier. In case of absence, a postcard will be left in the letterbox indicating the next meter reading date and approximate time.

In Luxembourg-City, bills are sent by the Ville de Luxembourg services.
Service Lecture des Compteurs de la Ville de Luxembourg
Address: Batiment Hamilius 3e etage, 51 boulevard Royal
Telephone: 47 96 41 92

Terminate Account

To cancel an account, the tenant/owner should contact the electricity and gas supplier at least a week before moving. A final meter reading will need to be done before the account can be closed. This can be done online or by downloading the moving house form.

Update 1/03/2011


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