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The primary form of entertainment for many Luxembourg residents is eating. The country has taken dining to the level of an Olympic sport. Luxembourg has more Michelin-starred Restaurants per square mile than any other country in the world. To celebrate the country's love of food and to find who makes the finest of them all, Luxembourg holds the "Culinary World Cup" every four years. From the take-put menu to the 3 star Michelin fine dining experience, there is no reason why every bite in Luxembourg shouldn't be delicious.

The food of Luxembourg tends to be similar to the more familiar French cooking, although it is typically served in larger portions then you would find at many French restaurants. Restaurants are usually open for lunch, and offer a plat du jour (dish of the day) for a discounted price alongside their a la carte menu. Evening service is usually from 6pm to late and most restaurants close one day a week, usually Sunday or Monday. If you are planning on going out on Friday and Saturday you should reserve a table. Menus can often only be in French and German, but if you are not comfortable in either language the wait staff should be able to help you find something you like.

The French language site is a useful resource to finding the restaurant of your dreams.

Luxembourg Specials

Traditional dishes are often based on pork and potatoes. Meals are usually multi-course.

  • Bou'neschlupp - Green Bean Soup
  • Brennesselszopp - Nettle Soup
  • Gromperekniddelen - Potato Dumplings
  • Gromperekichelchen - Potato Biscuits made of fried shredded potato cake containing onions, shallots and parsley. Typically found at outdoor events like markets or fairs.
  • F'rell am Reisleck - Trout in Riesling Sauce
  • Moulen - Mussels Luxembourg Style
  • Judd Mat Gaardebounen - The unofficial national dish is smoked pork neck served with boiled broad beans.
  • Treipen - Black Pudding
  • Huesenziwwi - Jugged Hare
  • Rieslingspaschteit - Meat and wine pie
  • Fierkelsjhelli - Suckling pig in Aspic
  • Jhelli - Pork in Aspic
  • Verwurrelt Gedanken - special fried pastry served during Carnival Season
  • Boxemannercher - Gingerbread men
  • Quetscheflued - Plum Tart


Almost all hotels and restaurants include a 16% service charge in the bill (service compris). If service is not included, service non compris, a 15% tip is always appropriate. You may add an additional tip for good service, but it is not necessary. Investigate your bill to see what has been charged.


Luxembourg purchases the most alcohol in Europe per capita. This number may be deceptive as a large proportion of alcohol purchases are actually made by people from neighboring countries. The actual level of consumption is probably much lower.

Luxembourg is known for it's white wines from the Moselle valley. Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Rivaner and Elbling all flow freely. There are also a number of brew pubs (Beierhaascht, Cornelyshoff, Redange) and unique beers from the area (Diekirch Grande Reserve, Spezialbier Dunkel, Gezwieckelte). An type of after-dinner digestive, eau-de-vie, like Mirabelle and Quetsch are good examples. Made from plums, this drink is quite strong.

The minimum age to purchase alcohol in a bar is 16, but there is not a set age limit to purchase alcohol from the store.


Most restaurants have a menu that can fit a vegetarian lifestyle and will adjust dishes to your taste. There are also restaurants dedicated to vegetarian dining.

Mesa Verde
Address: 11, Rue du St Esprit
Excellent vegetarian/macrobiotics restaurant covers two floors. Some fish and shellfish are served.

Anabanana Vegan Restaurant
Address: 117, rue de la Tour Jacob
Small, colorful restaurant with vegan fusion cuisine. No alcohol served.

Au Plaisir de Vivre Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: 143, rue de Hollerich
Bistro-like restaurant, owned by sisters Agnes and Sylvie Ferrolier. Offers vegan options occasionally.


Luxembourg may be known for its fine dining, but there are plenty of places to get a bite on the go. Supermarkets are a great place for a quick meal. There are usually one or two restaurants or at least a food court. Bakeries also offer sandwiches and some butchers sell sausages and hamburgers in rolls for take away.


Cafe des Artistes
Address: 22 Montee du Grund, Luxembourg City, 461327
Telephone: 46-13-27
A cafe for all ages of beer drinking, fun-loving, cafe-goers. A piano player enlivens the joint, singing songs from Kurt Weill, Edith Piaf and Stephen Sondheim.

Address: 14 rue des Bains, L-1212 Luxembourg
Telephone: 26 20 12 23
A small restaurant that has fresh soup, vegetable plates, and a dish of day. Open Monday to Friday from 11:30-14:30.

A la Soupe
Address: 9 rue Chimay, L-1333 Luxembourg
A bar restaurant fully dedicated to soup, also serving continental breakfasts and desserts. Either eat in or take away service.

Brioche Doree
Address: 19 rue Philippe II, L-2340 Luxembourg
Telephone: 26 20 08 14
Offers Snacks, take away, and a "create your own sandwich" option.


Urbane Bar
Address: 2 Rue de la Boucherie Old Town
Telephone: 26 47 85 78
Popular expat bar with televised games and active clientele.

Um Piquet
Address: rue de la Poste 30
Telephone: 47-36-87
Gastropub with excellent lunch selections.

Club 5
Address: rue Chimay 5
Telephone: 46-17-63
Trendy bar with an upstairs eatery.

The Black Stuff
Address: 15 Val de Hamm, Pulvermhle L-1714 Luxembourg
Telephone: 352 42 54 96
Authentic Irish Pub with blackened rafters, a log fire, and warm atmosphere.

Fast Food

Comptoir du Wenge
Address: 4-6 rue Philippe II, L-2340 Luxembourg
Ready-made meals, fast food to take away or eat in.

Address: 72 Grand-Rue, L-1660 Luxembourg
Take-away restaurant with natural and fresh products.

Farfalla Presto
Address: 8 rue Beck, L-1222 Luxembourg
Italian pastas to take away.

Happy Sandwich
Address: 29 avenue Monterey, L-2163 Luxembourg
Sandwiches and salads to take away or eat-in. Continental breakfast.

Pastificio Bolognese
Address: 12-14 boulevard d'Avranches, L-1160 Luxembourg
Home made pastas, pizzas and Italian specialities.

Quick Hamburger
Address: 6-12 place d'Armes, L-1136 Luxembourg
Burger restaurant with WiFi.

Address: 1 rue du Fort Bourbon, L-1249 Luxembourg
Iranian take-away with rice specialities for vegetarians or a meat lovers.


In the latest Michelin guide, 1,009 restaurants in Belgium and Luxembourg were surveyed. A total of 114 Michelin stars were awarded to restaurants while 125 restaurants are classified as Bib Gourmand. To qualify for Bib Gourmand status, a restaurant must serve an excellent three-course meal for below €35. Here are some recommended restaurants:

Lagura Next Door
Address: 18, avenue de la Faiencerie; Luxembourg City, L-1510
Telephone: 352/26-27-67
Cosmopolitan Italian and international dishes are served in this sleek restaurant. Popular with British expatriates, good wine is also available. Entrees: 13-24 euro.

Address: 9, place de Clairefontaine; Luxembourg City, L-1341
Telephone: 352/46-22-11
A place to enjoy fine French cuisine, the restaurant has one-Michelin-star. A master chef, energetic staff, and homemade cheese sets the place apart. Entrees: 30-45 euro.

Yves Radelet
Address: 20, rue du Cure; Luxembourg City, L-1368
Phone: 352/22-26-18
Named after its own celebrity chef, classics are served here. Cheese is again featured as the restaurant makes its own. Entrees: 23-30 euro, prix fix menu 60 euro.

La Table des Guilloux
Owned by Pierrick Guilloux and his wife, Lysiane, this restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars. It is renowned for tis oxtail stuffed with foie gras and pan-fried fresh cod. Address: 17-19 r. de la Resistance; 4996, Luxembourg. Tel: (352) 37 00 08

Le Bouquet Garni
Address: r. Eau 32 L - 1449 Luxembourg
Phone: 26200620
Classic cuisine abounds in this elegant setting. Set within a 18th century building, this restaurant is next door to the Grand Duke‘s Palace. Entrees: Lunch 40 euro; Menu 85 euro; Carte 75-97 euro

Address: r. Munster 13 L - 2160 Luxembourg
Phone: 546994
Located on the banks of the Alzette, the restaurant is in an old manor house. Fine Italian cuisine is served with exceptional wine. Entrees: Lunch 44 euro; Menu 72-120 euro; Carte 78-122 euro.

Victor's Gourmet Restaurant Schloss Berg
Address: Schlossstr. 27 D - 66706 Nennig
Phone: (06866) 79118
Awarded 3 Michelin stars, the chef Christian Bau serves his legendary Tataki vom Tuna mit japanischer Essenz, Pickels und Abalone, Seezunge mit dreimal Krabbe, Zitrusfruchten und jungem Lauch and more. Guests can be surprised by ordering in the form of the "Carte Blanche" - only deciding the number of courses. Entrees: 100-170 euro

Address: Mainzer Str. 95 D - 66121 Saarbrucken
Phone: (0681) 9582682
In an early 20th century villa with modern interior contemporary classic of top chef Klaus Erfort are served. Another 3 Michelin star restaurant, the setting is peaceful within a beautiful park. Entrées: 1000-165 euro; Carte 106-137 euro

For more restaurant recommendation and Michelin star ratings, consult the Michelin website.

Update 1/03/2011


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Family-friendly Restaurants
Generally speaken, luxembourgish restaurants are not very child-friendly. But there are a few restaurants with play areas at their disposal, even gourmet restaurants like the "Senningen" in Senningen. Or the beautifully located "Pavillon Madeleine" in Kayl, lead by the famous chef Léa Linster. More family-friendly restaurants are to be found in the comprehensive directory FamilyGuide Luxembourg. See

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