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Renting a flat in Riga costs between 150 and 900 EUR depending on the size, location, and condition of the rental property (i.e. age of the building or the date of the last renovation).

For example, a refurbished one-room flat (25-30 sq meters) costs around 300 EUR in walking distance to the city centre, and around 200 EUR in a half-hour driving distance to the centre. A two to three room flat (60-70 sq meters) costs around 500 EUR - 600 EUR in the centre, and around 400 EUR - 500 EUR in the suburbs. Keep in mind that these are just approximate prices; there are both considerably cheaper and much more expensive offers on the market.

The utilities - hot water, electricity, gas, internet, and landline - are usually not included in the price. You should inquire whether these bills have to be paid on a month-to-month basis that requires you to read the electricity, water, gas etc. meter every month, or if a balanced payment plan is available, i.e., paying a set price every month and doing a recalculation at the end of the year. Balanced payments are recommended particularly for heating bills as they cost little to nothing in the summer but may result in unexpectedly high monthly bills during the winter months.

Rental Market in Riga

Overall there are many offers on the market; however it may take time to find a flat that fits your criteria of price, facilities, location, etc. Although finding a rental property before moving to Latvia is possible, it is recommended to do the flat hunt in person to avoid any misunderstandings and make sure that you get exactly what you pay for.

Rental flats usually are fully furbished which, on the one hand, saves costs upon arrival but, on the other hand, means that it may be a little tricky to find a place that suits your taste.

How to Search for a Rental in Riga


Around 85% of all properties in Latvia are found online. The best websites for starting a search are:

  • RentInRiga - the largest search site that is available in English, slightly more upmarket listings
  • City24 - the Latvian site of a Baltic real estate ad website, available in English
  • - the most popular classified ad website, available in Latvian and Russian
  • - slightly less offers than, available only in Latvian and Russian


Searching for rentals in newspaper ads is not very popular, generally, newspapers are a better source for searching rentals in smaller cities than in the capital Riga.

For rental ads consult the print versions of the four big dailies:

Rental Agents in Riga

Hiring a real estate agent may save you a lot of time and worry. An agent will consult you on your search, accompany you to the viewings, and help with drawing up the necessary documents for signing the rental contract. The price of the rental agent's services can vary from agent to agent thus it is necessary to discuss it beforehand and sign a contract.

Keep in mind: if the real estate agent is hired by the landlord in whose property you are interested in, the costs of the agent should be covered by the property owner.

The rental agent should be a certified member of the Latvian Real Estate Association and the Latvian Association of Property Appraisers.

You can search for companies and individual agents on the homepage of the Latvian Real Estate Association.

Visit the Apartment

Before you sign a rental contract, it is highly recommended to visit the apartment that you are interested in. In addition to gaining a general impression of the property you should:

  • Ascertain that all the equipment from plumbing to electronic devices are in good working order
  • Ask for samples of bills for utility costs
  • Inquire about the neighbors to know what to expect while living in the building

Rental Contracts in Riga

A rental contract is only valid only in a written form and should have two copies: one for the tenant, and one for the landlord.

The contract should specify:

  • The date and means (cash, bank transfer) of paying the rent. For payments in cash always make sure to receive a signed receipt!
  • Whether the contract is open-ended or has an end date
  • Whether the tenant or the landlord deals with the utility payments, e.g., for hot water, gas, and electricity. If the utilities are paid by the landlord the contract should specify the monthly cost
  • Whether a security deposit or a pre-payment is required and, if yes, the sum and means of payment

Upon moving in it is recommended to create a handover document (Pienemšanas - nodošanas akts) listing the furniture, documenting the condition of the apartment and the technical condition of the electronic equipment, and the readings of the meters for water, electricity, gas etc. This document should be prepared in two copies and signed by the tenant and the landlord.


Unless specified otherwise in the rental contract, a contract can be terminated with one month's notice. The landlord can terminate the contract only in a limited number of cases, most notably, if the tenant has damaged the rental property, or uses the property for purposes not specified in the contract.

Information about renter's rights and help in solving conflicts can be obtained at the Consumer Rights Protection Centre.

Update 26/08/2015


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