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International Removal Companies

There is plenty service providers for moving between locations in Jamaica. Some of them do international logistics, including consolidated cargo, container services, shipping and air freight. The mover should cover interests such as security, storage and insurance in the service terms with the agency hired.

Preparing for a Move to Jamaica

When preparing for you move and considering shipping your personal belongings, you should consider whether you are purchasing or renting property, and whether you plan to reside in Jamaica long or short term. There are some furnished properties (refer to our section on renting in Jamaica) and some items are expensive to replace in an island nation. These are all personal variables to think about when moving to Jamaica.

Find a Mover for Jamaica

Use the recommended service partners link below to receive a free quote and compare offers.

Basic Questions to ask:

It is advisable to get at least three estimates in writing. A verbal agreement is not enforceable, so make sure to have the estimate and details written down. By comparing multiple estimates, you will find what an average price for your move will really be, and find a company that best matches your expectations. It will also inform you of the different offers and advantages different companies offer. This can provide you room to negotiate with the company of your choice.

Understand Pricing

The price of moving depends on the how much is being moved, the value of the goods, and the distance to be moved. If possible, ship only the truly indispensable items and try to buy when you arrive to abate some of the cost.

Some basic factors in determining the best shipping method are:


To save money, you can ship your items with other people's belongings. Known as "groupage", your personal belongings will be shipped with the personal belongings of one or more customers. While this offers considerable financial savings, it can take much longer. Usually, the shipment is sent to a central location warehouse with later shipments being made to a country specific destination.

If your shipment is large, or cost is not an issue, direct shipping is a better option. The container will hold only your personal belongings and will go directly to its final destination without stopping at any other warehouse. Sole usage shipping typically takes 4-6 weeks.

You-pack / We-drive Service

Another option when moving your goods is to do the packing yourself. This can save you money, and ensure your items are given the care they deserve. When packing, be sure to keep an inventory of all goods.

The process is simple:


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