Transport in Rome


Public transportation in Rome is generally run by A.T.A.C. ( See also the English version of the Search for Route section of the site which is not always updated but works fairly well: Search for Route). Tickets (biglietti) and passes (abbonamenti) can be purchased at any Tobbacco store. Tickets should be stamped (timbrati) the moment you step onto the bus, or at the entrance of the metro, and expire once the time limit has ended. Passes must be signed immediately on purchase, or are activated after the first validation/stamp (convalidazione).

These are your ticket options:
  • BIT - Biglietto Integrato a Tempo, one ticket whose validity is based on a time limit. 1 euro.
  • MULTIBIT - 5 tickets. 5 euros.
  • BIG - Biglietto Integrato Giornaliero, ticket valid for one day/24 hours. 4 euros.
  • BTI - Biglietto Turistico Integrato, ticket valid for 3 days. 11 euros.
  • CIS - Carta Integrata Settimanale, one week/7 day ticket. 16 euros.

These are the pass options, monthly (mensile) and annual (annuale) (see ATAC website for details):

  • Mensile Ordinario Personale, pass for unlimited use of transport for one>
  • Mensile Ordinario Impersonale
  • Mensile Agevolato Disoccupati
  • Mensile Agevolato a Contribuzione
  • Mensile Ridotto
  • Annuale Roma
  • Annuale Roma agevolato
Tickets are valid on all ATAC buses, metro lines, trams and local trains.


Rome's Metro system has two lines; the red (Line A) and the blue (Line B).

To visualize a map of the Metro system, visit:


The bus system in Rome is extensive and relatively simple to use. Visit the ATAC website for more information on how to get around using the buses.

Termini train station and Largo Argentina are two hotspots for catching buses to various popular locations.



There are two airports in Rome:

  • Fiumicino, Leonardo da Vinci - can be accessed from the historic center by train from any station
  • Ciampino - can be accessed by public transport, which is quite complicated, or more simply by coach (Terravision) from Termini Station.


The set price of taking a taxi from Fiumicino, or Ciampino, to Roma Centro is 42 euros including luggage. The price from Roma Centro to either of the airports is 40 euros including luggage. (Max four persons in each case.)

Taxi rates vary according to the time of day. Make sure only to take the white taxis which have the Roma S.P.Q.R. crest on the outside.

Here is one of many taxi phone numbers: 064994


There are boat cruises along the Tiber. Visit Batelli di Rome for more information.


To hire a car, visit:

To rent a car, try:

Villa Borghese's parking lots is a car rental hub. You may also rent scooters, motorcycles and Smartcars.

Update 22/04/2008


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