Hotels and Bed and Breakfast in Rome


We have compiled a list of affordable and charming hotels in the historic center of Rome:

  • Albergo Del Sole Al Biscione: via del Biscione 76, (Pantheon area) Tel. 39/06-6880-6873, (Credit cards not accepted, no wi-fi.)
  • The Beehive:via Marghera 8, (Termini area) Tel. 39/06-4470-4553, (Visa and MC accepted, wi-fi available.)
  • Hotel Antico Borgo di Trastevere: vicolo del Buco 7, (Trastevere area) Tel. 39/06-588-3774, (Amex, Visa, MC accepte, No wi-fi.)
  • Hotel Colors: via Boezio 31, (Vatican area) Tel. 39/06-687-4030, (No credit cards, no wi-fi available.)
  • Hotel Panda: via della Croce 35, (Spanish Steps area) Tel. 39/06-678-0179,

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Update 22/04/2008


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New City Tax on Rome Hotels
From From January 1st, 2011 a new tax is added to Rome hotel bills by the Municipality of Rome.

All visitors to the city are now expected to pay a per-person per-night tax on the first ten nights of their stay in Rome.

Those staying in 4 or 5 star hotels will pay 3 euro per person per night. Bed & Breakfast accommodation and farm inns will be charged at the lower €2 for a maximum of ten days.

Visitors to youth hostels will be exempt from the charge. However, those staying on campsites inside the city boundaries will be charged €1 for a maximum of five days.

The tax will be collected at the end of a visitors’ stay in the city.

Funds generates will be used to financially assist city authorities in efforts to organise urban services.

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