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PERMESSO DI SOGGIORNO: Strictly speaking, if staying in Italy for more than six months you should obtain a permesso di soggiorno (resident's permit) from the Questura (administrative police) of the town where you are living. The free movement of people and goods within the EU theoretically renders this document entirely otiose, and unless you plan to work you probably will not need it, but it remains a legal requirement. A very picky landlord/lady might ask to see it.

Accommodation costs more the nearer you get to the city centre. Expect to pay 300-400€ per month for a room in a decent flat in a reasonably central location. Note the difference between the offer of a "camera" or "stanza" (a room of your own) and a "posto letto", which will almost certainly mean sharing a room with one or two other people. Some landlords/ladies may give you a formal contract. Whether or not you get a formal contract, you will almost certainly be asked to pay a month's deposit ("cauzione").

Here are some prices:

- 1 bedroom apt/flat in the centre of Milan: 1,000 € - 1,500 €/month (very requested), usually comes furnished
- 2-3 bedrooms apt/flat in the centre of Milan: 1,500 € - 2,000 €/month (less requested) furniture can be agreed on

You will find a number of accommodation agencies; other sources of accommodation are local newspapers and the bulletin boards of local universities.

Estate agents are listed in the yellow pages under "agenzie immobiliari". An agency fee of approximativley 1 month of rent is due when the contract is signed.

When you rent, it is necessary to register to the town hall. The local tax (Tassa di Registro) is paid 50% by the owner and 5o% by the tenant.

House repairs
If you find an apartment that needs major fixing, the owner may be willing to do the work, or the tenant may have to arrange to do it at his own expense. There are no hard and fast rules. However, minor repairs or maintenance that are required during normal use are the responsibility of the tenant, while major repairs such as plumbing, wiring, blinds and heating are the owner's responsibility.

Inventory of furnishings
It is a good idea to check the inventory list carefully when you sign the contract. It should itemize everything in the apartment and state its condition.

The standard contract is 4 years + 4 years. You should be able to leave earlier by giving a notice to the owner. Generally a written six or three month non-renewal notice (disdetta) is due to the owner prior to the termination of the contract. Without this notice, the contract is automatically renewed. The notice should be sent by registered mail with return receipt (raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno) to eliminate any possible discussion of insufficient notice. The notice period may be shortened to three months in the case of annual contracts.

Rent is usually paid quarterly, and two or three months' rent are required as a security and damage deposit. This should be placed in a bank account drawing interest, and returned to you less any amount to cover damages when you leave.

You can consult the following websites:

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