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Benefits package

Disabled child benefit: this is paid at a basic rate of between 30% and 120% of the full single disability pension, according to the assessed degree of disability.

A mobility allowance is available for disabled people; the amount varies depending on whether the recipient has earned income, has a driving license, and owns an automobile.

The survivor pension is for surviving spouses aged 50 or older or if caring for a child and 16% of the national average wage. A 7.5% increment is paid for each child. For a widow(er) between ages 40 and 49 with no children, the pension is 12% of the national average wage.

The marriage grant is the equivalent of 36 monthly pension payments and is paid in two instalments (the first on marriage, the second 2 years after). The death grant is a lump sum equal to 100% of the national average wage and is paid to the widow(er) or children of the pensioner. The funeral grant covers the cost of burial up to a fixed amount.


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