Rent house or flat in Tel Aviv


National or local newspapers is a good place to start looking for a flat to rent. Tuesdays and Fridays are preferred advertising days. The Hebrew newspapers may have more ads than the English newspapers. Word of Mouth is good too: if there’s an area you particularly like or have been recommended take a walk through the neighbourhood and look at signs attached to polls, try and speak with local residents or shop owners.

A hassle-free approach would be to go through an estate agent, although they will normally charge you the equivalent to one month’s rent for their services. Note that if you work through more than one agent avoid visiting the same property with both, if you do you will end up having to pay two sets of fees should you decide to take the place.

Estate agents’ websites (some in Hebrew only):

There are various internet databases that list rental apartments in Israel. Some lists may charge a consultation fee and are only in Hebrew:

If you have a vacation rental in mind the following sites will be of interest:

Also consult the following:
Andromeda Hill Apartments - Luxury apartments located in Tel Aviv-Jaffa available for short term rentals.
Babait - Holiday apartment rentals.
Bat Yam Apartments - offers family-owned rental apartments.
Ben-Yehuda Residences - Apartments for long or short term rental in the centre of Tel Aviv.
Dekel - Holiday apartments in Tel-Aviv.
Eli's Apartments Tel Aviv.
Fuss Holiday Apartments - short or long term rental, for singles, couples, or families.
Hadera on the Beach - variety of properties.
Kikar Dizengoff Apartments - studio apartments for short and long term rentals.
Korat's Holiday Apartments - fully equipped apartments one block from the beach.
Arbel - Hotel Apartment - apartment rentals.
The Home Hotel - fully equipped studio apartments facing the sea.
The White Dove - Short-term rentals in Tel Aviv.

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Eilat vacation rentals
Good resource to find vacation rentals in Eilat or apartment for sale.




With a quick online search Engine , you will find a variety of Tel Aviv holiday rental apartments available for short term vacations or longer rentalsin the White City . Tel Aviv is the most important city in Israel and is an amazing place. High rise buildings form a beautiful skyline against the shore and the beautiful beaches attract people of varied ages from all over the country and all over the world. Living in Tel Aviv is a cultural experience.
Living in a Tel-Aviv Apartment will allow you to enjoy all the city has to offer, just like a Tel-Avivian local.
You will be sure to have the experience of a lifetime.



Free Israel realty ads listings
Here is totally free Israel real estate listings. Rentals and properties for sale in Israel



Recommendation on place to stay in Tel Aviv

I travel to Tel Aviv several times a year and I have found that renting an apartment for short term is much cheaper than renting a hotel room. It is also more convenient it lets you feel a part of the city opposed to feeling like a tourist. There are many companies for short-term rental in tel aviv.
I'm happy to recommend one company that provides professional service.
They have clean and beautiful apartments and they are very nice people who love to help, honest and will be happy to assist you with recommendations to good restaurants and nightlife.

Company Name TLV2GO - Holiday apartments and short term rentals in Tel Aviv
You can check out their site

Good luck



Tel Aviv apartments for sale & for rent
Hi all, I think in this list is missing this website for Tel Aviv: and for apartments all around Israel:

Best regards,




A very useful link for short term rental in Tel Aviv

It's a collection of many links for short term rental websites and the good thing about it is that it takes you directly to the exact location in the website that you need (Tel Aviv).

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