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Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants


Mumbai is a food lovers paradise. Dishes from all over the country and the world find home in this city. As Mumbai lies near the sea, there is an abundance of fish.  Vegetarians can also rejoice at the vast variety of options available in this bustling city.

Although you'll find western fast food restaurants in all areas, Mumbai's authentic fast food still means Bhelpuri, Pav Bhaji or Panipuri - all delicious snacks with a smattering of spices both pungent and sweet. Though these distinctly Mumbai delicacies can be found at many street vendors, it is recommeded that you try them in good restaurants only. Khau Galli, a small lane off Zaveri Bazaar is a great place to sample these local delights.

Mumbai also has a number of fine dining options. Some of the more renowned bars and restaurants popular amongst tourists and locals alike include Little Italy, Trattoria, Thai me up, Barista Coffee Bar, Kandhar, Leopold's Cafe and Indigo.

Below is a comprehensive listing of some of the best places to drink and/ or dine in Mumbai.


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