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All foreign nationals visiting India require a visa to enter the country. Tourist visas are available for six months. A longer stay needs a different visa. You can apply personally, online or via mail.

For detailed information about visa formalities, please click here.

Visa Types

Below is a brief guide to the main types of visa available for India and some of the requirements to obtain it. For a more complete and comprehensive guide, please click here.

  • Tourist Visa
    This visa is easily available and allows the visitor to stay in India for a period of up to six months. Tourist visas are generally quite easily obtained with a passport that has a minimum of 190 days validity and two blank pages, two identical passport sized photographs, visa fees and completed visa application form.
  • Business Visa
    As a general rule, a letter of employment from the Indian employer and the company in your local country is required in addition to all other requirements of a Tourist visa. 
  • Employment Visa
    Special requirement is a signed employment contract and a specific clause for payment of income tax in India.
  • Student Visa
    Special requirements include letter of admission from a recognised Indian educational institution with duration of the course, bona fide letter from the school/college, receipt of fee paid to the school/college and document showing financial support for the tuition fee and stay in India.
  • Transit Visa
    Special requirement includes evidence of onward travel outside India. i.e. confirmed air ticket for onward journey.

The work permit for foreign nationals

In India, work permits, often referred to as employment visas can be issued either to skilled professionals or to people immigrating to India to fill a specific position for a named company.

Unlike many other countries, work permits in India are less defined and the Indian immigration structure does not present detailed requirements for obtaining one. Work permits are a very subjective area of Indian visa services, however in order to live and work in India all candidates must secure one.

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