Hotels and Bed and Breakfast in Budapest


B&B in Budapest

Bed and Breakfasts are a great place to stay if you want to sleep in a beautiful house with your own room and enjoy a superb meal each morning. Like hotels, many of the Bed and Breakfasts are located in Pest near the river with a few in Buda scattered throughout the city. This type of accommodation is extremely affordable in Budapest. You can spend anywhere from 7,000 - 41,000 Ft ($25-150 USD). There are many beautiful Bed and Breakfasts to choose from and gives a great list of B&Bs that can match your budget and needs.

Hostels in Budapest

Since backpacking through Europe is a popular thing amongst tourists, there are many hostels located throughout Budapest. Hostels are the cheapest means of accommodations and prices start at 1200 Ft - 5500 Ft located near city center. Rooms include basic beds, bunks, or cots to sleep on. This is a no-frill type of accommodation so you will get a cheap night stay without any luxury means whatsoever.

Hotels in Budapest

Most of Budapest's hotels are located near the river on the Pest side. This is close to many restaurants and sights that most tourists want to see. For a beautiful hotel with a view you are expected to pay at least 82,700 Ft - 192,000 Ft ($300-700 USD) a night. However, you can still find hotels that are near city center at a much affordable price. The average cost is around 33,000 - 82,000 Ft ($120- 300 USD). If you are looking for a much cheaper stay with less amenities then you can score a place for 12,300 - 22,000 Ft ($45-80 USD) a night.

Prices of hotels are said to increase in the months of March to May and September to November since those are the most popular times for tourists to visit. Many hotels are very modern inside but the exterior is a beautiful old building. A lot of tourists enjoy views of the river or the city center. Of course, the more you spend on a hotel, the better the accommodation will be. Many hotels have beautiful bedding, balconies, and complimentary breakfasts. You are sure to find the best hotel to fit your needs whether you are looking to really enjoy your stay in the room or just need a place to rest your head at night.

Update 25/08/2015


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