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In Hong Kong you only get 2 weeks of holidays per year and it is hard-working, you don’t count your hours. The Hong Kong workers won’t always respect you if you are below you as they don’t tend to respect non-chinese people in general, nevermind if you are not the boss! So be aware of it.
In fact, companies have to prove the job cannot be filled out by a local employee for you to get it. That's the requirement for them for obtaining an employment visa for their foreign employees.

These days you are then in competition with all the chinese mainland and it is therefore more difficult than before. Native language speakers have an advantage as language skills are increasingly important as commerce with mainland China grows. Some companies like investment banks, still offer generous expatriates packages including medical insurance, accommodation, paid annual holidays to the home country and private education for children but it is rarer and rarer. Others perks include luxury apartments, a car and driver, entertainment allowances and club membership. Today, most of these deals are restricted for short assignments or very senior positions.

In most case, you will have a local package where you do not have housing, medical insurance, education or annual home leave included and have to pay for that yourself. A side note but you would like to start your own company in Hong Kong, you have to see here with Business Registration Office:

For working hours, the official timetable for government-run agencies is 8.30 till 17.30. For private companies, the timetable is more 9.00 to 18.00 but be ready to work much longer in evenings as it is expected there.

Here is the list of bank holidays in Hong Kong for 2010:


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