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Finding Accommodation, Flatsharing, Hostels

In order to find accommodation, you should first start by checking newspapers like South China Morning Post publishes a supplement on Wednesdays, and The Standard on Fridays. You have journals like Square Foot for properties in Hong Kong but you also have free journals like Hong Kong Magazine (especially for flat-sharing), Inside DB and also BC where you would find rooms, flat sharing and serviced apartments so quite a wide range. Of course, if you are a student at one of the University in Hong Kong, check with the University for accommodation like rooms and University housing. Finally the internet is always a good source in general.

Finding a good place to live in Hong Kong is like in any big cities around the world, it is not easy and quite stressful. It is important to define your needs in advance before you start looking for somewhere to live, that way you reduce the possibilities but you do not want waste your time as well by visiting too small or too expensive places.
When you look for a place be aware of the location and take into consideration public transport or buying a car (not the best thing to do in Hong Kong) if you will be commuting or taking children to school. Hong Kong is in general a safe but you must check carefully before that the area seems OK to you. Most newcomers looking for accommodation in Hong Kong use the service of an estate agent. There is a big choice available of real estate agents in Hong-Kong; from large well-known international franchises, long-established local names to smaller, privately run agencies. You will have fees to pay but it might be reassuring to go by an agency as there are some safety nets in case something goes wrong plus they are supposed to select housing for you in advance according to your criteria.

Property sizes are measured in square feet and include the terrace, car parking and an allowance for common areas of the building such as the foyer, elevator area and stairwells. Usually the quoted rents are on a per month basis but you may find quoted rents for 2 weeks only.

When you search for accommodation, be aware of the district of the offer for housing. There are 18 districts in Hong Kong and here is the list:


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