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The international access code for Germany is +49. The city code for Munich is 1. Note that telephone numbers in Germany can range from four to nine digits. It is often cheaper to use public telephone boxes in post offices, which use phone cards. You can also call from the Post office. Phone calls between 6pm and 8am from Mon to Fri and the weekend are less expensive. Some Discount cards from private companies can be bought from kiosks. The local mobile phone operators use GSM networks and have roaming agreements with most international operators. Internet cafes are available in the main towns.

The four key mobile operators in Germany are:

  1. T-Mobil ( operated by the former state monopoly Deutsche Telekom.
  2. Vodafone( Formerly Mannesmann.
  3. E-Plus ( It positions itself as an low-cost provider, offering a wide range of calling plans for people who use their mobiles infrequently.
  4. O2( The youngest competitor in the market; can be an attractive option if you don't want to get a fixed line or want a single phone number.



Pre-paid cards

The prepaid SIM card with a world cell phone is a convenient and efficient way to stay in touch for those who don’t make a lot of phone calls. You can get a pre-paid SIM card at any mobile shop in Munich and the normal top-up credit is 15 euros and upwards.

Pre-paid phone cards also come in handy if you like to make calls back home. There are many ‘Asian’ and international cards that offer generous talk time. These cards are usually sold in bookshops and newsagents, in supermarkets and corner shops. Below are some options.

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Update 2/04/2008


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Mobile internet
Hello, I found a good and affordable solution with Blau.
With the prepaid card I can book a 1 GB internet package for € 9.90 and I am not linked to any contract or obligation and I pay as I go.
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