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Languages in Ecuador

Ecuador's official language is Spanish, and the country's indigenous language is Quichua. Some elderly people in the countryside only speak Quichua, but most people see Spanish as their native language.

The biggest difference in accent is between people from the coast (costa) and people from the mountains (sierra). In general, people from the Andes Mountains speak slower and more correct, making Quito a good place to learn Spanish.

Language Schools

There is a wide choice of Spanish language schools in Quito, especially in the old town and La Mariscal, the modern centre. What is the best choice, depends mainly on your wishes and the teaching style that works best for you. For example, the benefit of a large school is the option to have group lessons ($5 - $6 USD per hour), while smaller school will likely have a more personal approach. On the other hand, larger schools offer more opportunities to get to know new people through trips and cultural activities.

Private Lessons

For many people, private classes are the most efficient way to learn a language since the teacher can adapt the classes to your learning needs. Rates vary between $6 USD and $10 USD per hour for private classes. A higher rate does not necessarily mean that the quality of the classes is better, but –generally- a very low rate might mean that the professor does not have a lot of experience.

Language Exchange

An exchange partner is an excellent resource for practicing a new language with a native speaker. As an added bonus, language exchange partners can help you understand the culture of the area and inform you of local happenings. Questions about gift giving, festivals, nightlife, and greetings can be addressed without worry. In the best-case sceneries, an exchange partner is not only your ambassador, but a friend.

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Update 24/01/2019


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