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Childcare Facilities

Childcare facilities are located all over the city and its valleys. Most of them take care of children of a few months old until they go to elementary school (four or five years old), and are generally dived in three age groups.

Spanish is the main language, but a few childcare facilities also teach English. Many of them have different schedules parents can choose from, for example from 8 am to 17 pm or from 8 am to 12.30 pm.


Depending on the schedule (part-time of full-time) and the childcare facility and its services, monthly costs vary between $150 USD and $400 USD per month, plus the yearly registration fee.

There is no financial aid from the government for childcare.

How to Find Childcare Facility

If you are looking for a childcare facility, the best way to start is exploring the best neighborhoods for your child to spend the day; close to your office or home. Quito is not very big, but traffic can complicate getting from A to B.

Most neighborhoods have several day care options with different facilities, prices and approaches, meaning you can look for the one suiting you and your child best.

This local website, chiquitosybebes, provides a selection of Quito's best day cares. Another option is talking with other (expat) parents and ask about their experienced, both offline and online. Utilize EasyExpat's forum or the Expats in Quito Facebook group for recommendations.


The most common babysitter in Ecuador is a woman who takes care of the children and do housekeeping as well. Depending on the need of the family, this person works part-time or full-time. In most cases, babysitters earns a minimum salary and a responsible employer would also pay her IESS social security.

Babysitters in the evening hours are not requested frequently, because family often helps out. The best way to find a babysitter for a few hours through family and friends, or at an Expat platform.

A great on-line resource is to post on expat classified's, like on Easy Expat's babysitter search.

For more frequent childcare, you may consider an au pair. Consult the section on "Au Pair" under "Find a Job".

Update 24/01/2019


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