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The amount of rent you pay will mainly depend on the neighborhood, the building, and of course the size. A two-room, fully furnished apartment in the popular bohemian neighborhood la Floresta costs between $450 USD and $650 USD per month, an apartment of the same size costs between $650 USD and $900 USD per month around Carolina Park and in the Gonzalez Suarez area, where most buildings are new and have modern facilities, like a swimming pool and gym. For an apartment with one bedroom, you will pay about $100 USD less. To rent a house in Central North Quito, prices start at $900 USD and go up to $2000 USD per month, or even more for a luxury house.

When you search housing in less popular areas, like South Quito and the upper northern part of the city, prices can easily drop to $200 USD per month for a two-bedroom apartment.

Many apartments are (partly) furnished, which can be convenient when you arrive to a new country, but you will pay a higher rent. Some landlords ask a higher rent to foreigners, in case you are in doubt, check with Ecuadorians or people living in Quito for a longer period of time.

Rental Market

Depending on your budget and housing needs, is should not be difficult to find a rental apartment in Quito. In popular areas, new apartment buildings constructed around the city. Finding a house for rent might be a bit more difficult, since houses are more frequently for sale than for rent. But if you are open to search out of the most central areas in the city, you also should be able to find a house suiting your wishes within a reasonable time span.

Search Online

As in many places in the world, internet has become an important source for finding a new place to live. On Facebook you find several groups sharing apartments and houses that are for rent or sale, some examples:

Other website to find rentals:

Another great online resource is the Ecuador classifieds on EasyExpat. You can also chat with other expats on the Ecuador forum or network and receive advice.


Most newspapers, like El Comercio and El Telegrafo, have a housing section on Saturdays. These newspapers are sold on the streets by people walking around in neighborhoods or selling from their shop.

Public Postings

In Ecuador, it is very common to place a large sign on your house or apartment when it is for rent. Therefore, a good way to search for a home in a neighborhood you are interested in, is driving around and calling the number mentioned on the sign.

If interested in a house or apartment, make sure you negotiate the price, since the renter will start with a higher price than he or she desires. If your Spanish is not very well developed yet, you can hire a translator to come with you.

Rental Agent

Another option is to hire a rental agency that can operate in your preferred language. There are many that offer English services and plenty of expats have specialized in real estate for other expats.

Although this may be a good solution for language and cultural barriers, the fee may be higher. Some agencies ask for a flat fee (between $200 USD to $400 USD, depending on several factors), other ask a percentage of the renting price. No matter which option you may choose, make sure the charged fee is clear for both parties.

Visit the Apartment

Once you have found an interesting option in a neighborhood you would like to live in, it is time to have a look. If you are looking for a place to live by yourself, it is recommended to take somebody with you. This person, for example a critical friend, may see flaws you do not see because the location or space seems to be perfect, or simply because you really want to find a nice apartment to settle down in Ecuador.

Another option is to go back once or twice and walk around the neighborhood, to make sure you gain a good perspective about the place and the area you are going to live in.

When visiting an apartment or house, it is important to check the construction of the building for any major damages. Ecuador is a country where earthquakes frequently take place and although most of them are not severe, it is important to live in a building complying with the current construction laws. Some minor damages should not be a problem, but if you are in doubt, make sure an expert checks the building.

Rental Contracts

In general, rental contracts are written. Most house owners prefer one-year contracts, but in some cases, it is also possible to rent for a shorter period of time, for example when renting a room in a shared apartment.

If you rent a room in an apartment for a short period of time, for example during an internship, signing a contract is not very common. However, you can always ask for a contract. Note that to make a contract binding, it has to be written in Spanish and legalized by a notary.

For rooms in shared apartment, most house owners ask for a one month of deposit, for apartments two months. Make sure the deposit is included in the contract, because some owners are not fond of repaying the down payment.


The notice period depends on what is written in the contract, but is usually one month. To avoid misunderstandings, it is always best to give the notice in writing. Even though you have rights as a renter in Ecuador, it is a complicated, time consuming, and expensive process to claim them, because of which it is better to avoid rental conflicts, if possible.

Update 24/01/2019


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