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There are a number of different childcare options available in Copenhagen. Which one you’ll receive however is generally decided by the local authorities. The options available include:

Child minder: In this option, a group of children between the ages of 6 months and 2-3 years are taken care of by the child minder at her home. There can be up to four children apart from the child minders own children. If two child minders decide to work together, they can take care of up to 10 children. Most child minders are women.

Nurseries: This is also a childcare option for children between 6 months and 2-3 years old. The number of children differs fromnursery tonursery but on average there are3 children per childcare employee. The children are grouped in rooms to which a number of adults are connected.

The nurseries are equipped with toys for children in the different age groups. Thenurseries also have outdoor areas with swings, sandpits etc., and the children are regularly taken on excursions to e.g. the beach or the woods.

Kindergarten: The kindergarten is the most common type of childcare for children aged 3-6. The institutions vary in size, but on average there are6 children per kindergarten teacher. The children are grouped in rooms to which a number of adults are connected.

Likenurseries and child minders, kindergartens have a wide variety of toys for the children, and they also have an outdoor area with a playground and possibly also bicycles and carts.

Special facilities: There are also childcare institutions with a focus on certain aspects of life/learning. E.g. some childcare centers could focus on bilingual talents others could focus on art etc. The local authority provides information on childcare facilities with special profiles irrespective of whether they are municipal or independent institutions.

International childcare facilities: There are some international childcare facilities available in Copenhagen. E.g. At Lycée Francais Prins Henrik in Copenhagen, there is a kindergarten with French speaking personnel, and at Copenhagen International School there is a pre-kindergarten with English speaking personnel. It depends on the individual school whether pre-school children are admitted. A complete list of schools with instruction in English can be obtained from the British Council.

Facilities for disabled children: In Denmark, the local authority or the county usually offers to care for children with extensive disabilities in special childcare centres. Alternatively, special groups for disabled children are set up in connection with ordinary childcare centres. Depending on the disability, the local authority may attach an auxiliary remedial teacher to the children, so that they can function in an ordinary childcare centre.


Update 29/04/2008


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