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Television and Radio

Most of the local TV channels are broadcast in Danish, although there are also Swedish and Norwegian channels. In order to have own-language channels, most expatriates choose to sign up for a cable television package. These offer English, French and German channels in addition to the usual Scandinavian channels. If you are an English speaker, you will find that you can watch many of the programs on the Danish channels, as they run a great many imported American shows and use subtitles rather than dubbing the dialogue.


There is a good selection of companies offering broadband internet access and the level of competition serves to keep prices low.

Some of the bigger suppliers are TDC and Tele2.

Cybercafes are available throughout Copenhagen and addresses can be obtained from your local Tourist Information Office. There is an internet café almost next to the main Tourist Information Office, on the other side of the street from Copenhagen's Central Station.


You will be able to purchase the English newspaper of your choice without problems in Copenhagen - for a price! The newsagents in Central Station stock a good selection of foreign language newspapers, as do the kiosks on the main shopping street, Strøget.

The Copenhagen Post is a free English language newspaper, published weekly, that can be picked up at the station, airport, or in cafes around the city. 


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