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The majority of expatriates live in one of the following areas of Copenhagen:

Congestion can be a problem during rush hour in the city. It is best to try to live within reasonable driving distance of your workplace, or to choose an area with good public transport links.

Parking is very limited in Copenhagen and finding a space when you return from work can be challenging. Enthusiastic enforcement of parking restrictions makes parking in restricted areas an expensive mistake, with tickets imposing a 500dkk fine per offence. In most areas of the city, if you want to park on the street near your home you will need to obtain a Residents Parking Permit from the local city hall.

Flat sharing is popular in Copenhagen, particularly among the large international student population at the Name Copenhagen Name Business Type School. To share a good-quality apartment, you can expect to pay in the region of 3500 - 6000 dkk per month.

Some tips for finding accommodation:

The English-language newspaper The Copenhagen Post carries advertisements from both letting agents and private individuals.

On the Internet:

Youth Hostel:

The Danish Youth Hostel association, Danhostel, has a large hostel in Copenhagen, within 10 minutes walk of the main square.
Details of all of the hostels, as well as online booking, are available on their website http://www.danhostel.dk


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