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International Schools

International schools offer high quality education for children of expats, generally meeting both Colombian and international excellence criteria. Education is usually bilingual, and many such schools boast an international student body that promotes cross-cultural learning. International schools are private and their tuition may be rather high, so you should choose carefully based on what is best for you and your child.

You should plan ahead, as there is a lot of demand, and apply as early as possible. Tuition for international schools ranges between 250-9000 usd a month, not including services. 

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The IB is a program taught under the supervision of the International Baccalaureate Organization, and aims to provide and education that meets highest performance standards internationally. Curricula include mathematics, experimental science, social science, arts and languages. 

The IB is divided into three stages:

The IB is offered by various international schools, but it is not officially recognized in Colombia, and students need to pass the Colombian equivalent exams as well.

International Schools in Bogota

Colegio Internacional de Bogotá
Address: Carrera 49 # 202-85
Telephone: (57) 676 22 00

One of the most prestigious international schools, it has been providing international education for the past 36 years. Offers pre-school to secondary education. Also offers the International Baccalaureate.

Kightsbridge Schools International
Address:  Calle 221 # 115-51
Telephone: (571) 745 62 15

This elite international school provides English-language education for children aged 4-18, by the highest international standards. Uses an innovative concept-driven curriculum based on the International Baccalaureate standards and is IB-certified. Tuition is around 800 usd per month.

The English School
Address: Calle 170 # 15-68
Telephone: (571) 676 77 00

One of the first institutions on the continent to be part of the IB network, this is currently one of the largest international schools in Bogota, with a student body of over 1200. Education is in English, for girls and boys aged 4 to 18. 

Colegio Helvetia de Bogota
Address: Calle 128 # 71A-91
Telephone: (571) 624 73 74

The only Swiss Government-approved school in Bogota, it offers multilingual education, combining various languages of choice (Spanish, English, German and French). Offers both the Colombian and the Swiss secondary education diploma.

Lycee Français Louis Pasteur
Address: Calle 87 # 7-77
Telephone: (571) 796 50 40

A French-system educational institution, offering programmes from kindergarten to secondary school. Teaching is in French, with Spanish offered as a second language, and follows the French curriculum. It offers the possibility to earn both a Colombian and a French diploma. Tuition ranges between 300 – 700 usd, depending on the schoolyear.

Colegio Gran Bretaña
Address: Carrera 51 # 215-20
Telephone: (571) 676 03 91

English-language education from nursery to secondary school level. Education in English, compliant with both US and British standards. Also offers the International Baccalaureate. 

Colegio Italiano Leonardo da Vinci
Address: Carrera 21 # 127-23
Telephone: (571) 258 64 34

Leonardo da Vinci is an Italian international school in Bogota. It caters for children aged 3-18. Instruction is in Italian and Spanish, and it offers both the Colombian and Italian diplomas.

Gimnasio Alessandro Volta
Address: Calle 119 # 4-79
Telephone: (571) 743 88 50

Another Italian international school, with a curriculum centered around Italian culture and civilization. Levels offered: from pre-school to secondary school. Graduates have the possibility to obtain Colombian and Italian diplomas.

Colegio Cambridge
Address: Calle 127A # 7-19
Telephone: 350 417 1060

An internationally-recongized school that boasts a truly international community. It is one of the highest-ranked educational institutions in the country, while also offering an IB curriculum.

Colombo American School
Address: Carrera 73 # 215-53
Telephone: (57) 668 50 77

A catholic-oriented private, bilingual and co-educational institution that caters to children aged 4-18. Offers the possibility of a British IGCSE diploma upon graduation.

Gimnasio Colombo-Britanico
Address: Costado Sur – Occidental Aeropuerto
Telephone: (57) 668 39 99

British education for kindergarten to secondary school. Awards Colombian diploma, but also offers the possibility of British IGCSE certificate.

Colegio Andino – Deutsche Schule
Address: Carrera 51 # 218-85
Telephone: (57) 668 42 50

One of the few international schools offering education in German. Uses a German curriculum, and offers the possibility of both Colombian and German secondary school diplomas.

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