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Canada provides universal healthcare for all its citizens and permanent residents. Established in 1961, the system is administered provincially and territorially, and the Government of Canada assures the quality of healthcare in Canada through federal standards. Medicare is the unofficial name for Canada's publicly funded universal health insurance system.

Only expats who are permanent residents or citizens of Canada are eligible to receive the national healthcare. Find out if you meet the eligibility requirements here.

Healthcare System in Ontario

In the province of Ontario, the system is called the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). If you are eligible for this plan, there will be a monthly premium which is deducted from your salary automatically.

Services covered by OHIP include doctor visits, hospital costs, dental surgery in a hospital, eligible eye-health services, podiatry, ambulance, and abortion services. For more in-depth information on coverage visit the OHIP webpage. If you do not meet the requirements for the public insurance, you will need to take out private insurance which will be discussed in a later section.

Health Cards in Ontario

Under the OHIP, you will be issued a CareCard. This health card entitles you to free health care at physician's offices, specialists, hospitals, walk-in clinics, and emergency medical centers. The card is presented each time you visit a doctor who is part of the public system and tracks the number of visits a patient makes to each clinic or doctor. It then uses that information to manage funding and resources throughout the system. The card shows your name, birth date, address, and gender, as well as a unique identifying number.

General Practitioner, Doctor, Physicians in Canada

In Canada, the individual can choose their doctor. Also known as a general practitioner or GP, patients should see a GP for general medical concerns, routine checkups, vaccinations or to get prescriptions written or refilled.

In Toronto, all doctors must be fluent in the English language and doctors in this province are of the highest standards. Visits to a general practitioner/doctor should be free of charge at your visit as the doctor's office will bill the OHIP directly.

How to Find a Doctor

To find a doctor you need to register with the Health Care Connect service, and a nurse will assist you in finding a doctor that suits your needs. You may also use the All doctors search on the OHIO website to search for a doctor on your own.

Dentists in Ontario

Typically, the OHIP does not cover dental services. Only certain dental surgeries performed in hospitals are covered by the public plan.

You will need to acquire a dental plan in Ontario to help cover the costs of dental care. Some employers will supply dental care for their employees. If this is not the case, you may purchase a plan from a private insurance plan. Dental insurance does not usually cover all of the costs for your dental visit, so you may end up paying some out of pocket expenses for your dental work.

With a dental plan you may choose whichever dentist you would like, if they accept your insurance. Discover the right plan for your by visiting the Canadian Dental Association's webpage.

Update 14/01/2019


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