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Eating in Toronto

Because of its multicultural makeup, Toronto is home to a multitude of different cuisines, which can satisfy any food lovers cravings. There are neighborhoods that specialize in different ethnic foods, such a Chinese, Polish, Korean, Greek, Italian and Caribbean.
Toronto is also home to many culinary festivals each year including Summerlicious, Fun Food Festival, and festivals that have specialities such as the BurgerFest, Pizza Fest, and the Taste of India Festival.

Toronto/Canadian Specialties  

  • Peameal bacon sandwich: This simple sandwich with peameal bacon on a soft bun is a local favorite.
  • Poutine: Dish comprised of fries (chips) cheese curds and gravy. This is a Canadian favorite.
  • Tire sur la Neige: A taffy formed by pouring still hot, boiled maple sap directly onto fresh snow. The result is a soft, flexible candy.
  • Butter Tarts: A delicious dessert with flaky pastry filled with a butter, sugar and egg filling.

Restaurants in Toronto

Address: 163 Spadina Ave
This modern french restaurant offers delicious food in a beautiful victorian setting

Richmond Station
Address: 1 Richmond St. W
This popular restaurant is co-owned by the winner of "Top Chef Canada"

Pizzeria Libretto
Address: 221 Ossington Ave
A local favorite for wood-fired pizza

Wilbur Mexicana
Address: 552 King Street W
A fun and friendly atmosphere that serves up homemade salsa, tacos, and burritos.

The Captain's Boil
Address: 476 Yonge Street & 5313 Yonge Street
A favorite for seafood with a unique experience eating with a bib on

Banh Mi Boys
392 Queen Street W
Satisfy your Vietnamese cravings at this local and tourist favorite

Fast Food in Toronto

Unlike other major cities, Toronto is not home to diverse street food/food truck cuisine. Because of strict laws and regulations for food vendors, the law only permits vendors to sell french fries, hot dogs, and pre-cooked sausages. However, there are more than enough take-out/fast food restaurants to grab a bite.

Must have fast food/street food:

  • Smoke's Poutinerie - This fast food joint offers a quick solution to Canada's favorite craving: poutine.
  • The Original Gyro Grill - satisfy your Greek cravings here
  • Five Guys - a popular fast food joint to grab your burger and fries

Vegetarian Dining in Toronto

Vegetarian food isn't difficult to find as most restaurants have a vegetarian offering, and there are many places dedicated to vegetarian fare. As usual, vegan food is harder to find, but far from impossible. Ask nicely about your options as Canadians usually try to be accommodating.

Drinking in Toronto

Drinking alcoholic beverages is a common occurrence in Canada. Roughly 80% of Canadians drink alcohol. Alcohol is widely accepted, and it is drunk regularly in the home and when dining out in restraurants. Bars are a frequent meeting place for friends, colleagues and family. In all of Canada alcohol is heavily taxed, especially the imported varieties. Alcohol can be purchased in Toronto at liquor stores called Liquor Control Board of Ontario's (LCBO) and at majority of grocery stores located in Ontario.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Canada

Tap water is safe to drink and is usually offered at restaurants without asking. If you prefer, bottled water is cheap and plentiful. You can purchase water with or without gas at grocery stores and convenience stores. Juice and soda are widely available in grocery stores, convenient stores, restaurants and bars.

Cafes in Toronto

Toronto is home to many hip, classic, and fun cafes. Canadians enjoy going to cafes to work, meet friends, or simply grab a good book and enjoy some coffee or tea. Whatever your cafe style may be, you are sure to find it in Toronto.

  • Tim Hortons - Tim Horton's is the most popular and well-known Canadian coffee chain. You can find many locations located throughout Toronto
  • Sam James Coffee Bar - very hip spot with minimalist design
  • Fahrenheit Coffee - This cafe roasts their own coffee beans, ensuring the freshest brews to start your day

Alcoholic Drinks in Canada

Local specialties

Beer - There is no shortage on local beers in Toronto. You will find many breweries that produce craft beer. Toronto is also home to the famous O'Keefe Brewing Company. Other notable breweries include: Amsterdam Brewing Company, Great Lakes Brewery, and the Mill Street Brewery.

Wine - Wine is drunk everywhere, but it is not produced in significant quantities in Canada due to the inhospitable climate. However, southern Ontario is one of the larger producers of wine in Canada. The Niagara Peninsula and Essex County are two of the 3 largest wine producing areas. Toronto hosts the Sante Wine Festival every year for wine enthusiasts.

Liquor - Liquor is sold at all LCBOs and most restaurants and bars that serve alcohol

Liquor Laws in Canada

The legal drinking age is 19 years in Toronto and most of Canada. Bars and clubs will ask for ID upon entering or when ordering an alcohol beverage. However, if alcohol is to be consumed with a meal or while the teenager is with their parents, the laws are more generous. Consumption in public places may result in a small fine. In addition, drunk driving can result in imprisonment and heavy fines. The legal limit for driving is 0.08.

Tipping in Toronto

Tip, also referred to as gratuity, is not usually included on your bill. Tipping is vital in the Toronto service industry. Tipping makes up the bulk of a server's income who work at a restaurant, so it is customary to leave a tip. You should expect to add at 15%-20% of your total bill to tip your server if you plan to dine out or go to bars in Toronto.

This in turn means that customer service in Canada is excellent. You should also tip 15%-20% for other services you receive. For example, it is expected that you leave your hairdresser, hotel staff, manicurists, and taxi drivers a tip for their services. Of course, tipping is not obligatory, and you may use your discretion of how much to tip – more for good service, maybe less for poor service. However, it is considered extremely rude not to leave a tip for your service provider, so keep this in mind when making your decision.

Update 18/08/2018


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