Shopping in Sofia


Specialties in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has plenty of interesting items to give as gifts or keep for yourself. From food items, to clothing, Bulgarian specialties are all very unique. You can find anything you are looking for no matter if you are on a budget or willing to spend more.

Most popular Bulgarian items:

  • Rose oil
  • Icon paintings
  • Ceramics
  • Kilims
  • Copper items
  • Wood carvings
  • Wool
  • Jewelry
  • Tablecloths and dollies
  • Bells

Shopping Areas in Sofia

Sofia has several shopping streets throughout the city that are full of vendors, stores, and restaurants.  Some shopping streets mays have certain themes or specialties and are in several locations throughout Sofia.

Popular shopping streets in Sofia:

  • Vitosha Boulevard – This street has lots of open-air cafes and restaurants and specialty shops and book stores.
  • Graf Ignatiev Street – This shopping street has everything from smalls clothing shops to open air book markets and food markets.
  • Shishman Street – Lots of small galleries, bars, and coffee shops.
  • Pirotska Street – Full of specialized stores, markets, and a lot of cheap clothing and shoes.

Markets in Sofia

Over the past few decades, shopping malls have taken over in popularity over the local markets. However, Sofia still hosts some amazing markets throughout the city where you can buy fresh or cooked food, discount clothing and home items, and antiques or collectables.

Popular markets in Sofia:

  • Central Sofia Market Hall (Tsentralni Hali) – Tis is the oldest markets in Sofia, which hosts food stalls, fast food, hairdressers, souvenir shops and more.
  • Lady's Market – This market offers vegetables, cheap clothing, and kitchenware. It is a dirty and noisy place, but loved by tourists.
  • The Antique Flee Market - This is the spot to go if you are looking for old antiques from the communist era and past World Wars.
  • Malashevtsi Flea Market – Many people come here to buy car parts, old radios, and instruments, but you can also buy cheap second-hand items and collectables.

Supermarkets in Sofia

Sofia has lots of supermarkets throughout the city in varying sizes. They offer self-service stands, shopping carts/trolleys with child seats, air conditioning, and accept debit and credit cards.

The two stores with the most locations throughout the country are BILLA and CBA. You can find these stores throughout the city of Sofia and it is likely to find a smaller chain on almost every block.

Supermarket stores in Bulgaria:

  • Kam Market
  • CBA
  • Fantastico
  • Hit
  • Kaufland
  • Lidl
  • ProMarket
  • T Market
  • Triumf

Update 6/06/2018


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