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Most private schools welcome foreign students, which is ideal for helping children integrate into Brazilian society as well as improve their language skills. Some private schools actually encourage this through international exchange programs. In this case most of the teachers will only have limited English language skills however, and little or no special provision is made for pupils visiting from overseas. For this reason extra-curricula Portuguese language classes should be arranged. The school itself may be able to assist you in this area.

English/American schools

If you want your kid(s) to be in an international environment and/or follow the education system prevalent in your home country, then you may want to consider:

All these international schools come highly recommened and require English to be spoken on site. The curriculum is generally geared towards winning places at universities abroad.

Le Liceu Pasteur (Lycée français)

The French Lycée is a private Franco-Brazilian institution, with an agreement with the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad). In 2010, the school had 1,000 students and 76 teachers. The number of students is made of Franco-Brazilian bi-national students, Brazilian students and other school nationalités (equal share) from the kindergarten (age 3) to the baccalaureat. This curriculum can lead to the French baccalaureat, (following the same program as in France) or to the Vestibular. The school is authorized to issue the certificate of matriculation ("certificado de conclusão do ensino medio") which is required in order to present the "vestibular" (examination of Brazilian university entrance).

Lycée Pasteur
Casa Santos Dumont - Rua Vergueiro, 3799 - Vila Mariana
Tel: +55 (11) 5904.7822
Fax: +55 (11) 5904.7823

Update 13/12/2010


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