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Sao Paulo


Courses for Adults and Evening Class

Adult education campaigns have been run on-and-off in Brazil since the 1930’s, supported by the federal government, often with assistance from social, fraternal, religious, professional or commercial bodies. One of the main motivations for supporting such projects is the relatively high adult illiteracy rate, which in 2000 stood at 14.7% according to UN estimates.

Note that Brazilian companies sometimes agree to pay for their employee’s language courses, even their spouse’s.

The American School of São Paulo, known locally simply as "Graded", offers language, art and cultural lessons for adults in a friendly and warm environment. To register or get more information either call 3747-4824 or 3747-4864, or send them an e-mail at anacris.fernandes@graded.br. In addition their monthly field trips around São Paulo will help you enlarge your social circle and get to know the city.

The following links are for additional institutions in Sao Paulo offering adult education programmes:


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