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The self assessment tax form on income (impôt des personnes physiques (IPP), must be done by the end of August of the year following the tax year. Forms are available on the Office for fiscality of companies and incomes website.

The taxable income is made by all the net income, less fees and deductions. The total income is equal to the net income of the following categories:

  1. property income
  2. capital income
  3. professional income (salary)
  4. other incomes

In case of marriage or officially living with a partner, a global taxation is established on behalf of both partners. However the income of each partner is noted separatly.

The level of tax is very high in Belgium (you might pay more than 40%, in addition to the 13% of mandatory contribution on your gross salary). For the 2003 tax year, it was:

Income section
Tax rate(IPP)
from 0,01 EUR to 5.705,00 EUR
from 5.705,00 EUR to 7.565,00 EUR
from 7.565,00 EUR to 10.785,00 EUR
from 10.785,00 EUR to 24.790,00 EUR
from 24.790,00 EUR to 37.185,00 EUR
from 37.185,00 EUR to 54.540,00 EUR
above 54.540,00 EUR

You can calculate you tax online on the Tax-cal website.

The local tax (précompte immobilier)

The précompte immobilier is the amount of tax to pay when you own a property. This tax is mainly dedicated to regions and towns and can vary depending on the location.

The most usual VAT rate is 21%.

The tax of profits for companies is 33%.

Financial incomes are taxed marginally.

Update 18/11/2005


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