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Normal retirement age is 65 for men and women (from 2009) after working 45 years. The possibility to retire before the date is available however. For employees, it is possible from 60, if the career is at least with 35 years at work. For each anticipated year, the pension is lower by 5%.

The counted years are the years when the person has worked and been employed. In addition to the professional activity, the carreer can be made by assimilated periods (military service, training, unemployment,...) with or without the payment of contributions. In order to sort out the other periods, you need to fill a request before the Office national des pensions (ONP). Study period from 20 years ol or time off for the education of a child can be legalized as well.

A pension of an employee is calculated such as :

Pension = 60 % or 75 % x (gross salary and benefits x number of working years) / (42 or 45)

If you are still in charge of a family, you get 75 %, otherwise 60 %.

In theory, it is forbidden to add the pension to a professional activity (in fact there is just a certain limit that you cannot pass).

All the information regarding the wages of an employee are registered on an individual account held by the Fortis Banque. The pension paid is limited by a maximum amount. Divorcees can claim part of the pension of their ex-partner for the years when they were married.

The request has to be made before the comunal office of your main residence. You can also go directly before the Office national des pensions (at the Tour du Midi in Brussels, or in a regional office or in a duty office in most towns).

People domiciled in another country of the European Economic Area, or in a country located outside this space but with a social security agreement with Belgium, must generally fill their demand before the organisation in charge in their residence country.

Update 18/11/2005


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