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Gas, Electricity

Electricity counts for 18% of the total energy used in Belgium. The electricity supply in Belgium is 230V / 50 cycles. Most of this energy comes from electricity factories in Flemish or French speaking regions, with high voltage cables (+150 kV).

Since the 1st January 2005, it is not the usual Electrabel or Sibelga agent that comes to read you gas or electricity meter, but agents from the company Metrix, branch of Sibelga and CIBE, the charge of this task - free - in Brussels-Capital region.

Sibelga is the name of the new company (including Interelec, Interga, Sibelgaz, Interfin, IBE, IBG) that manages the whole electricity and gas network in the Brussels region (the 19 communes). It is owner of those network, but due to the easing of restrictions on the electricity market in Europe (a european directive), the distribution network is managed by a private company: Elia. The Belgium uses nuclear centrals for about 57% of its electrical production (about 78% in France).

When you move to Brussels-Capital region, you must call +32 25 49 41 00 for connecting or stopping or managing your subscription on the Internet: The request must be done one week in advance before the company in charge of your energy. The company will give you a date for the connection. Most of the time it is just changing the inhabitants and the previous et new tenant/owner must simply send the completed transfer form to the company (forms are provided by the company on demand)

Fares (2005) - Sibelga

Customer service: 02 549 41 00

Yearly subscription 16,18 €/46,98 €
Usage/by kWh daily 0,1703 €
Usage/by kWh at night time 0,0880 €
Yearly subscription 20,39 €
Usage (up to 4 298 kWh/year ) by kWh 0,0636226 €
Usage (between 4 298 and 19 444 kWh/year) by kWh 0,0520159 €

With the liberal market, you will have the choice between several companies:


There are 3 companies for the Brussels-Capitale Region, but you should contact only one, the Compagnie Intercommunale Bruxelloise d'Eau (C.I.B.E.),

For a removal, you just need to write to the company with:

  • accommodation address;
  • name of the new tenant;
  • entry date;
  • meter reading on the proper form.

The letter must be signed by the new tenant and the landlord. A visit from an agent from the company is only necessary if the meter is stopped, i.e. that the accommodation is new or has been left empty. An annual subscription of 14,87 € to 23,80 € (+ V.A.T. of 6 %) depending on the area will be requested. The annual invoice is function of the usage.

Update 18/11/2005


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