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The newcomer will look for different accommodation depending on the duration of their stay, the price of the accommodation, their budget and the the time they have available for personal research or through an estate agent.

It is possible to find accommodation simply by walking in the streets. "To Rent" boards are displayed on vacant properties with affordable rents, where landlords find it easier to tape a note on their window

You will find also ads on boards in shops (news-agents, shopping centers) and in newspapers: Vlan [] is a newspaper distributed from Monday, but can be bought at newsagents on the previous Saturday. There is also the newspaper called J’annonce in bookshops and newsagents.

In case of partnership, people who have signed the lease are the only legal tenants, and therefore are responsible of the accommodation (it is possible to let the landlord know of this partnership if officialised by the town hall for example).

A lodging for a short stay

For people wishing to live in Brussels for a limited period, for work purposes or other reasons, there are solutions like furnished flats, aparthotels or flathotels.

You can visit:

Youth Hostels, student accommodations (Kots)

Most of the accommodation for students (kots) are rented from May or June. The earlier you will start searching, the better you will be able to compare flats and house/flat sharing.

You can also visit a Info-conseils Logement center close to where you live. They will also give information on the accommodation policy of the city and the different allowances that you can get from the government.

For interns going to Brussels, you can consult the website: that offers single rooms to rent in properties, in hostels, furnished studios, flat-sharing.

Update 22/11/2011


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