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Finding a job in Vienna isn't easy especially for a foreigner. But it's not impossible either. Newspapers, employment websites, personal contacts and employment agencies are the most important ways of landing a job in this city. Social network sites like Linked in and Xing are also helpful in building contacts.

Below are some resources that will help you in your job hunt in Austria.

CV, cover letter and interview

Every country has its own requirements for a perfect CV. In Austria, come clients prefer handwritten CVs but for the majority, a typed CV will be sufficient. Depending on experience, the CV should be between one and three pages. Write your CV in concise and factual style using reversed chronological order. i.e. explain your most recent activities first.

Start an Austrian CV with contact information. Include your name, address, phone/fax number with international access code and e-mail address. Often CVs are kept on file for long periods, so any contact details you give have to remain accurate in the long term. A daytime phone number and e-mail are most important. In personal details list your date and place of birth, religion, parents names and occupations, marital status with number of children and military service or community service in lieu of military service (where appropriate).

Then explain your educational details, location, duration and certificates received. Also make sure you list any additional training courses and internships completed. Next is the section on Employment History. Make sure you emphasise areas that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Close your CV with any extra curricular activities and hobbies you are involved in. Put your signature with the date at the end of your CV. A photograph of yourself, with personal details on the back is usually attached to the upper right hand corner of the first page. For more information on how to write an effective CV for the Austrian market, click here.

Update 16/01/2014


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