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Public Transportation in Andorra (Intercity)

Andorran public transport connects all towns and little villages efficiently, and it is organized by "zones". However, this is limited to bus services, since the country has never had railway service.

Different passes and fares are available depending on everyone needs and travel days per months or weeks. They link all the towns of the Principality of Andorra with a total of six routes that cross these urban nodes.

Estimated prices of interurban buses in Andorra:

Zona 1:
Basic fare: 1,30 Euros.
Day pass without ride limit: 4 Euros.
Weekly pass without ride limit: 22 Euros.
Monthly pass without ride limit: 70 Euros.
10 ride pass(T 10): 12,50 Euros.

Zona 2:
Basic fare: 2,75 Euros.
Monthly pass without ride limit: 100 Euros.

Zona 3:
Basic fare: 4,10 Euros.
Monthly pass without ride limit:125 Euros.

Zona 4
Basic fare: 5,50 Euros.
Monthly pass without ride limit: 150 Euros.

You can also be interested in using a touristic bus, which features several routes along the most interesting areas of Andorra. The estimated price for the touristic bus is around 12€ for a ride, and 18€ for two.

Buses tend to run between 7am and 9pm.

For further information about times and tickets check:


Andorra does not have any metro/subway line.


Andorra has no railways. However, the line connecting Latour-de-Carol and Toulouse (France), it runs within 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) of the Andorran border.


There are no airports for fixed-wing aircraft within Andorra's borders. However, "La Massana" (Camí Heliport), "Arinsal" and "Escaldes-Engordany" heliports offer commercial helicopter services.

The nearest international airports are located in Barcelona (Aeroport del Prat) and in Toulouse (Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac), each about 200 km away from Andorra.

Perpignan, France (156 km from Andorra) and Lleida, Spain (160 km from Andorra) also home little local airports where to travel mostly nationally around France and Spain.

There are hourly bus services from both Barcelona and Toulouse airports to Andorra.

Private companies also offer taxi trips from Barcelona, Lleida, Toulouse, and Girona to Andorra for an average price of 300 Euros plus tolls.


Taxi services in Andorra are located in the most central and commercial streets, as well as in most important attractions. The main taxi ranks in Andorra are located in Meritxell Avenue 94-96, and Tarragona Avenue 42-44 in Andorra la Vella; as well as the Carlemany Avenue 35, Santa Anna Square, and Nostra Senyora de Meritxell Hospital in Escaldes-Engordany.

It is important to remember that taxis in Andorra are normally requested in the very rank or by phone (+376 812 345)

  • Minimum fare: 2,35 €.
  • Fee 1 (Working days from 7am to 9pm): 1,02 €/km.
  • Fee 2 (night services and holidays): 1,22 €/km.
  • Waiting hour: 17,35 €.
  • Exit outside the Principality of Andorra: 0,50 €.
  • Fee for baggage over 55x35x35: 0,50 €.

Driving and Roads in Andorra

Andorra boasts a good road network and both the intercity and the ones that communicate the country with Spain and France tend to be clean and well kept.

In Andorra there are no motorways and speed limits vary up to 90km/h, although they are usually well posted.

The wearing of seat belts in Andorra is compulsory on all roads at all times (not only outside of towns as it was on the previous law) and it includes passengers in rear seats. Children under 12 must travel in the back seats of cars unless the front seat is fitted with an approved child seat.

Eligibility to drive in Andorra:

  • Be 18 years old or over: To drive in Andorra you must be 18 years old or over, and to hire a vehicle, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • Current driving license: International driving license is not required to drive in Andorra as long as you enter the country with a tourist purpose only.

Weather Conditions for Driving in Andorra

During winter it is a legal requirement to use winter tyres (indicated by a snowflake icon on the tyre wall) and to carry snow chains. This requirement is compulsory from 1st November until 15th May, and if caught without them you can be fined €180 on the spot.

Regarding the fact that the conditions vary continuously, we recommend to contact the Andorran Embassy or Consulate in your country before traveling to verify these policies before you start your trip.

Rental Cars in Andorra

Renting a car in Andorra is the best way to get to know its landscape and it will allow you to move freely without depending on the public transportation schedules.

If you plan to rent a car in Andorra, it would be useful to familiarize in advance with the operation of the manual transmission as that is standard.

Leaving this aside, driving around Andorra should not be a challenge, except for those used to drive on the left.

All this said, if you want to rent a car, the best companies are:

Notice that it is not necessary to have an international license to drive in Andorra, as long as the reason for your stay is limited to tourism.

Bus Service in Andorra

Bus service in Andorra is, by far, the most common and easiest way to reach the country from neighbouring Spain, France, or Portugal.

The main bus lines to Andorra from Spain are from cities such as: Barcelona, Vic, Girona, Tarragona, and Lleida. However, from France, the main connection to Andorra departs from Toulouse with a regular service from the bus station, the SNCF train station and the airport. Portugal is also well connected, weekly.

The main bus companies operating in Andorra are:

Update 14/01/2019


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