Shopping in Andorra la Vella


Cost of Living in Andorra

Overall, the average consumer prices in Andorra are significantly lower from average prices in other western European countries. However, in its capital, they can still be higher than the rest of the country, especially regarding the prices of rent and services.

  • Groceries (on average): Fresh bread costs 1,30€ (500g), milk 0,85 €/litre, cheese 12€ EUR/kg, potatoes 1,20/kg
  • Eating Out: A meal in a cheap restaurant costs around 10€ and around 15-20€ in a mid-range restaurant. A pint of local beer costs just around 2,5€
  • Leisure: A cinema ticket costs approx. 7€, and a Fitness Club Monthly fee is about 40€
  • Clothing: The price of a chain store pair of jeans is about 40€, increasing up to 65€ for a main brand of trousers. A mid-range pair of running shoes are 70-80€
  • Transportation & Gas: In Andorra, a one-way public transport ticket costs 1,8€, a monthly ticket costs around 40€. A litre of 95-grade fuel costs around 1,10€

Typical Shops in Andorra

Small family-run stores still constitute the bulk of Andorran retailers, although the shopping scene has been transformed in the last two decades with the opening of numerous shopping centres and hypermarkets chains.

With the exception of markets, where haggling over the price is part of the enjoyment (except when buying food), retail prices are fixed in Andorra and shown as PVP (preu de venta al públic).

The best time to have a shopping spree is during the winter and summer sales (Rebaixes) in January-February (summer sales) and July-August (winter sales) respectively, when bargains abound and prices are often reduced up to 50% or more (the best bargains are usually on clothing and shoes).

Shopping Hours in Andorra

In general, the opening hours of the stores in Andorra are until 8pm, from Sunday to Thursday, while Fridays and Saturdays are extended until 9 in the evening.

During the festive or holiday periods (Easter, Carnival, etc.), some establishments, warehouses and shopping centres are opened until 10pm.

Shopping During Holidays in Andorra

As for the holidays in Andorra, the calendar is even more suitable for consumers: Shops are only obligated to close four days a year! These are following national holiday days:

  • January 1: New Year's Eve
  • March 14: Constitution Day
  • September 8: Our Lady of Meritxell, patroness of Andorra
  • December 25: Christmas day

Andorra's Shopping Districts

In Andorra, you will be able to find all sorts of stores to suit all tastes, on the streets and inside shopping centres.

However, the most popular "shopping street" is located right in its capital city center, Avinguda Meritxell.

Avinguda Meritxell is the longest shopping avenue in the Pyrenees, and it is the backbone of the city. For many years Avinguda Meritxell has attracted a large number of tourists, due to its great variety of fashion articles, jewellery, perfumery and electronic goods of the most exclusive brands. Here also, you can find large shopping malls offering a great diversity of products, as well as hotels and restaurants.

However, Andorra is also home to other department stores, shopping areas and boutiques specialising in fashion, watches and jewellery, sports, perfumes and cosmetics, such as:

  • Fener Boulevard: Right next to Avinguda Meritxell, Fener Boulevard is home to some of the most exclusive footwear, fashion, accessory, sport and homeware brands. It also homes a parking space and few restaurants, which make it a unique shopping experience.
  • Historic centre: The historic centre is a must-see. Its narrow streets and characterful shops will be a wonderful surprise. With more than 50 years of commercial tradition, it offers a more specialised and personalised service at the most traditional establishments. This area was the heart of the city in the first half of the last century and is still home to small, specialised family businesses where the service will make you feel right at home.
  • Riberaygua and Travesseres: Near the Meritxell avenue, Rybareygua and travesseres offer unique shops where you can find clothing and accessories, as well as many cafés and restaurants to get strength back during your shopping time.
  • Avinguda Santa Coloma: Santa Coloma Avenue is the area specialized in articles related to cars and motorbikes. You will find many stores dedicated exclusively to equipment and accessories for cars and motorbikes.

When looking for a specific item, visit Andorra's official tourist board webpage to find out where to find what you are looking for.

Supermarkets in Andorra

There are many big supermarket chains in Andorra. Most of them can be found in shopping malls. The most important ones are:

Update 4/10/2018


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