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If you decide to rent a flat yourself when moving to Andorra, you can either check the list of complete online search portals where you can find a big variety of ads, or to get an agent's help (with a little fee when the contract has been signed with the property owner).

The rental market is becoming increasingly complicated, with a shortage of supply and increasing demand. The sum of both factors has placed the rental price at historic highs, and the prices that were reached just before the crisis are already exceeded. The calculations of the different real estate consultants place the rental increase up to 20% on average. The monthly payment that is being paid for apartments' rental is around 450€ for a studio; 650 for one-bedroom apartments; 800 for the two rooms; and 1,000 the one of three.

Rent is usually paid one month in advance and a deposit will be required when signing the contract. Make sure that you get a receipt of this payment in order to get your money back by the end of the contract. 

The house or flat rent in Andorra is payable monthly and usually they do not include expenses such as: electricity, gas, Internet connexion, TV licenses, etc.

Notice that, as an unusual case, Andorra's cheapest accommodations are located in the city centre (flats/buildings), while the high quality and most expensive ones can be found at the outskirts (houses), surrounded by nature, close to the ski fields and with private gardens.

Furnished or Unfurnished Housing in Andorra

When renting a property, you must take into consideration if it is furnished or unfurnished.

Note that "unfurnished" doesn't simply mean "without furniture". An unfurnished property, particularly in major cities, is usually an "empty shell" with no light fixtures, curtain rods or even a television aerial. There's also no cooker, refrigerator or dishwasher. Always ask before viewing as you may save yourself a wasted trip.

If the previous tenant has fitted items such as carpets and kitchen cupboards, he may ask you to reimburse him for the cost. You should be prepared to negotiate the price and make sure that you receive value for money.

How to Search for a Rental

Among the most popular webpages you can find:

Newspapers are also a useful source when searching for real estates. For rental ads consult the print versions of the main Andorran publications (all published exclusively in Catalan)

Rental Contracts

A property rental contract is only valid under written document. Both the tenant and the landlord should have their own copies.

The contract should specify:

  • The date and means (cash, bank transfer) of paying the rent. For payments in cash always make sure to receive a signed receipt
  • If the contract is open-ended or has an ending date
  • The person who must deal with the utility payments, e.g.: hot water, gas and electricity. If they are paid by the landlord, the contract should specify the monthly cost
  • If a security deposit or a pre-payment is required and, if yes, the sum and means of payment. Notice that cannot be more than the amount of two rental months.

Upon moving in, it is recommended to sign an inventory document listing the furniture, documenting the condition of the apartment and the electronic equipment, as well as the readings of the meters for water, electricity, gas etc. This document should be prepared in two copies and signed by the tenant and the landlord.

Visit the Property

It is recommended to visit the property before signing any kind of contract to make sure everything is as expected and to gain a first impression of it.  It is also recommended to:

  • Check out that all the equipment is in good condition
  • Request for samples of bills to have an idea of the extra expenses cost (light, gas, water..)
  • Ask for the property rules and what neighbours have approved to make sure you can follow the property statements
  • When renting a property you may be required to complete and sign an inventory of the fixtures, fittings and furnishings and make a report of its general condition. If you find a serious fault after signing the inventory, send a registered letter to your landlord asking for it to be attached to the inventory. When leaving the accommodation rented you may be required to pay for cleaning, unless you leave it in a spotless condition. Check that you aren't overcharged; the going rate is usually less than 6€ an hour.

Notice when leaving the rent

If you wish to finish the contract before the established ending date, the owner must be notified with at least one month for each year remaining for the termination of the contract. However, if you wish to not to renew the contract, you must notify the owner at least three months in advance before the contract finishes.

See that this can change depending on the agreement signed on the contract.

Rental Agents in Andorra

When looking for a flat/house to rent, you might want to hire a real estate agent in order to save you a lot of time and worry.

The agent will assist you on your search regarding your criteria, accompany you to the viewings that can fit your wished, help you with all bureaucracy and necessary documents for signing the contract and, if needed, also consult on options for receiving a credit.

The price of their services can vary from one real estate agent to another. Consequently it is necessary to discuss it previously and sign a contract. The agent is paid when the rental contract has been signed between the tenant and the landlord. published more than 280 results for Estate Agents offices in the country.

Update 4/10/2018


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