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What is the difference between an Embassy and a Consulate?

Embassy and consulate refer to government representations in a foreign country. However, there are many important differences.

  • A country only has one Embassy in another nation, but it can have numerous consulates in various cities.
  • The embassy is a permanent diplomatic mission and is generally located in a county's capital. A consulate can be located in any number of large cities. When Embassies deal with major diplomatic tasks, Consulates deal with minor diplomatic tasks. The number of Consulates depends on the requirement.
  • An embassy is the diplomatic representation of a government in another nation; Consulate is the representation of public administration.
  • Ambassadors, who are high-ranking diplomatic representatives of a country, represent the Embassy; Consuls represent the Consulates.
  • Embassies exchange messages between its government and the host government. Consulates are only responsible for its own citizens who are travelling or living in the host nation.


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