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Watch French TV channels abroad

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"I am an expatriate in London, and from time to time, I like watching French TV."

This is a question that comes up often in London, New York or elsewhere in the world who travel to French or are stationed abroad. Obviously there TV5 available if you have the choice of satellite TV (and sometimes via cable). To stay in contact with French culture there are also differs nt alternatives.


This is the opportunity to receive some French channels like TF1, France Television, TV5. But this is not always available (outside Europe, for example) and parfoi s restricted TV5 Monde (London, good guidance satellite antenna and a transmit / receive card in satellite Eutelsat you Perm However TTRA capture the French channels).


Free: The various newscasts are free as 20h TF1, France 2, France 3 and some air programs Canal + and France 5:

You can also watch some free channels:

Paying: Most services viewing type M6 Replay are available only to access in France. Similarly for Arte .

There is a partial response with Zattoo which offers the opportunity to watch some channels like France 2, France 3, Arte for 3 € / month.

Otherwise you can use a technique that involves changing your IP address (indicating your geolocation) to have a French IP. You will have access to all the channels live in replay (TF1, France 2, France 3, Arte, Canal +, M6, W9, NRJ 12 ...) on your PC / Mac as well as tablets (iPad, Android). The French specialist VPNVision offers the possibility for 6 € / mo is (all French channels).

Also note, the site Arrêt Sur Images (40 EUR / year), which offers about 90 minutes of analysis of current events each week ains i other literary programs or interviews (formerly on France 5 and Internet since 2007).


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