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Resume or CV (curriculum vitae)

Resume- brief overview of work and educational experience. Prominent in the US when applying for employment. Typically one page.

CV- In depth look at work and educational experience. Prominent in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Typically two or more pages.


A CV or resume may be required for a professional position. The document should contain (in reverse chronological order - most recent activity first):

Contact Information: Relevant personal contact information at the top of the page including:
phone number
fax number
email address

Professional Experience: Usually this information is listed chronologically. List your work experience with:
your title
the name of the company you worked for
the dates of your employment
a brief description of your achievements in that job

Education: This section should come before work experience if you are in school or have been out of school for one to three years, depending on your level of work experience and how relevant your education is to your career.

Certificates & Diplomas: Courses, seminars, congresses or conferences that are relevant in relation to the position. Note if you received any special honors. A Certificate of Experience is valuable if you hold 3-6 years practical experience, especially if you are self-employed in a trade.

Languages: This is extremely relevant to an international job. List which languages you speak and your level: advanced, intermediate or beginner. Point out if you can translate, speak, or write in each language and list any associated degrees. Be sure to have a native speaker read it first, punctuation and grammar are extremely important.

Computer Skills: Programs, applications, word processing, database, Internet, etc.

Interests: You may include personal interests such as hobbies, sports, activities.

Photograph: The inclusion of a photograph is typical in some countries (i.e. South America) and unacceptable in others (i.e. United States). Check your country's norms before submitting.


  • English is common accepted at large international firms, but a CV in the native language may be expected. Refer to the language the ad is posted in and if language skills are required for the position.
  • Style should be straightforward. Use standard paper and a simple font, such as Times New Roman (12 font) or Arial (10) font
  • Print original copies on high quality paper - don't send photocopies.
  • Be neat and professional. Take care with the presentation, design, spaces, and spelling of your resume. Don't use abbreviations.
  • Make sure your CV is as organized as possible, so the information can be found easily.
  • You do not need to date or sign your resume.
  • Have a base CV that you can adjust to each job you are applying for.


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