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What are the benefits of a short-term accommodation?

If you are unfamiliar with the area, it can be difficult to assess where you want to live and what exactly you want out of an apartment. Short-term accommodations can be the perfect solution, offering you the ability to get to know the city before picking permanent accommodation.

Short-Term Options

Short-Term Apartments

These are usually more expensive then renting accommodation outright, but less expensive than a hotel and offers extra amenities like a kitchen and the ability to live in more of a local setting. Most are offered furnishing and short-term contracts are available for as little as a week to several months.


Hostels are an inexpensive foothold into a new place. Costs are rock bottom and you may even be able to trade work for a bed. The negative is that this is a difficult option past a week or two. Hostels offer little private space and nowhere to store your goods.


Subletting (the leasing of a property by a tenant as opposed to a landlord) during a portion of his or her unexpired term of occupancy, is another popular option. This can allow you to sign a short-term contract for a furnished place with few strings. Be aware that even though many of these agreements are fairly informal, it is important to have a written contract to protect yourself. It is common to ask for a small deposit (usually the amount of one months rent).

Student Residence Halls

Resident halls offer inexpensive accommodations for short-term rental. Accommodations vary from house to house with some offering shared rooms, shared flats, or private residences. Check directly with universities for opportunities.


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