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We Are World's Best Memory Training Program For Preschoolers! We believe that memory training should be taught to preschoolers at a young age, just like how we teach them to write and read. Equip your child with advanced memory improvement techniques to give them the added advantage from preschool onwards!

Why The Umonics Method?
1. We Teach Students Long-term Memory Strategies!
2. We Have The Most Unique Academic & World General Knowledge Themes For Preschoolers!
3. We Train Kids How To Effectively Remember Information By Using Memory Strategies Used By World Memory Champions!
4. Hands-on Group Classes!
5. Can See Results In As Fast As 6 Sessions!

Why start now?
1. You need to start now because they have the capability to do so, as memory is a crucial skill to develop at a young age!
2. Children can memorize, retain, and recall vast amounts of information better than most adults.
3. All they need is an opportunity to learn memory rules, just like how they learn grammatical rules!

After the certification program, your child will:
1. Develop Confidence!
2. Learn Information at A Much Quicker Pace!
3. Memorize and Recall Information with Ease!
4. Develop Good Memorization Habits Up to Primary School Years!

 Location: in Vietnam

 Posted by: Mary Ubando |  07/12/2021

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