Cost of living

How does it work?

The cost of living data for the selected cities were obtained from different sources published on the Internet (see below), and added to our own experience and research to update our data. In order to compare different countries, all our data are translated into indexes (e.g. if London/food index is 100, Paris/food index is 93). Therefore the same currency or index is represented in both boxes.

The data elements used in calculating the cost of living index are:
  • food (16%)
  • clothes (7%)
  • transport (10%)
  • services (6%)
  • rent (35%)
  • entertainment (12%)

As you will notice the total is less than 100%. This is due to the part of money that one usually saves for holidays or future projects. Therefore as you might remove some of those categories from the basket, you will increase the amount of money that you will save.

All the results are based upon data gathered. Please note that our data does not take into consideration:
  • Taxes one might have to pay in a foreign country.
  • Inflation or deflation that may occur after the period of data collection.

More information

Our salary calculator is based on a variety of different sources. The main one is the UBS report "Prices and Earnings Around the Globe" but we also used several international reports (Survey of English Housing, INSEE France...) and international newspapers.

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